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Your Cock Control Phone Session Will Be Amazing - Or It's On Us!

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial, guided masturbation and femdom tease and denial.
Experience an Orgasm Denial Domination Session with one of our Cockteasing Mistresses or Femdom Mistresses.

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex
at Cock Control

Welcome to Cock Control's Orgasm Denial Training Site. For years, the talented cockteasers and Masturbatrix Mistresses of Cock Control have been offering teasing and denial phone sex training, chastity training, orgasm denial and orgasm control sessions, coerced masturbation sessions and straight-up cockteasing to thousands of horny and frustrated men just like you.

We have a few different types of male orgasm denial, femdom denial and tease fans who frequent our site: some love orgasm denial, with or without chastity training either with a sensual Masturbatrix or a strict femdom Mistress, for a prolonged period of time. Others are fans of teasing and denial, but they prefer to be denied for a short period of time. And others love a long, drawn out cock tease session that ends in an explosive orgasm, which we call guided masturbation. Many of our visitors tell us that they fantasize about CFNM femdom fantasies, or clothed female naked male scenarios. This interest fits nicely with our teasing and denial interests - where a man is put in the situation to perform a masturbation show - naked - for a woman or group of women. Sexy!

We're experts with all of these guided masturbation and femdom training techniques, so if you're looking to explore, you've found the correct destination. We've even got some orgasm denial games to teach you, to prolong your pleasure even longer.

What's your pleasure on this teasing and denial domination spectrum?

What Types of Vibrators Should You use for Teasing and Denying?

If you love to tease yourself, and masturbate, you might love to use different types of vibrators. You might think there is just one kind of vibrator, and if you do, you are missing out on the different kinds of vibrators there are for masturbation! Teasing and denying yourself, and "edging" during tantric masturbation with a vibrator can be an intensive, erotic way to play!

So what types of vibrators are there to use during your masturbation sessions? To start, there are the traditional vibrators - the kind that are smooth, and are in the basic up and down style. These usually have different speeds of vibration. There are vibrator sleeves that you can purchase to slide over the basic vibrators that can provide different sensations to you as well.

Massagers can be used as well for vibration during masturbation. These are typically plugged into the wall and can be used to stimulate the head of the penis, and for intense edge play during tease and denial games!

The best type of vibrator to use with a partner is a remote control vibrator. You can give the remote to the partner to use for tease and denial – and she (or he) can use it however she sees fit in controlling your orgasms.

If you love phone sex, and you want to use your vibrator – contact our lovely ladies who will tease and deny you and is waiting to play with you!

Our Orgasm Denial Adult Chat Room

Have you visited us yet in our adult chat room? Community Kink is the online gathering place where Cockteasing Mistresses and orgasm denial fans get together and chat about anything and everything. Orgasm denial is frequently the subject of choice, however hundreds if not thousands of other subjects have come up for discussion in the year since we first launched our adult chat room. Many of the Cock Control Mistresses have a scheduled Hosted Chat at Community Kink, so be sure to visit the site and check out the Hosted Chats schedule to find out when your favorite Teasing Mistress is scheduled to host a chat.

Who Doesn't Love to be Prickteased?

It can be said that teasing and denial and orgasm denial may have their roots in good old fashioned pricktease. Much of the foundation of tease and denial and orgasm denial seems to go back to the days of heavy petting in the backseats of cars, where the guy's balls are blue for hours, but no release can be had until he gets home and rubs one off by himself, thinking of his hot, sexy girl, and how it could be months or years before she gives it up. The girls and women involved in these prickteasing sessions may be telling the truth when they say they're just trying to remain virtuous and pure by not giving up the goods. Or, it may just be that they truly enjoy seeing their man tormented by frustration, blueballed and needy. And those days of unintentional (or not!) denial may be long gone for you, but the delicious frustration that went along with them can still be experienced through a tease and denial session.

Teasing and Denial, and Cock Control Domination Phone Sex Sessions: 800-356-6169
2.75 per minute, minimum of 10 minutes - 18+

You can engage in tease and denial by yourself, but it's much more fun if you do it with a masturbation mistress, or "masturbatrix." A Masturbatrix will guide you through a teasing and denial or guided masturbation phone sex session, instructing you how to stroke, how long to stroke, when to slow down, when to speed up, when to stop - and when to orgasm, if your masturbation Mistress allows you to orgasm. That is one of the most fun aspects of full-on teasing and denial: you will never know whether your Masturbatrix is going to allow you to have an orgasm, or perhaps a ruined orgasm. The Masturbation Mistresses at Cock Control love to hear men masturbating, moaning in pleasure, and begging for release. And will all that begging pay off? Well, you'll have to call and find out just how serious we are about male long term orgasm denial!

If you're into cockteasing with an orgasm at the end, make sure to tell your Masturbatrix before your cocktease session begins - otherwise, we'll assume you're into orgasm denial, and we'll be the strict Mistress of your wildest fantasies can imagine.

Masturbation Taboo: Read about the evolution of masturbation

Do you partake in "self love" often? Is masturbation something you do on a regular basis? If yes, you are a modern man not laden with the guilt of ancient times. Back in the day, masturbation was not a thing to be messed with. Since May is masturbation month, it’s a good time to visit those days of “masturbation free” past and thank your lucky stars we are free to masturbate!

Guided Masturbation and Teasing: Cock Control without the "Femdom"

Some visitors have the misconception that orgasm denial, cockteasing and Cock Control are all about Domination and Submission. This is not the case! Many visitors who don't enjoy the traditional "Femdom" phone sex session have raved about our services. A sensual, sexy guided masturbation session doesn't have to involve domination. Erotic cocktease roleplays can be amazingly enjoyable without the woman being Dominant. The key is to make your desires known at the start of your phone sex session. As long as we know the approach you are looking for, we can give you an erotic masturbation session that's exactly what you want.

Coerced Orgasms

Coerced orgasm is the flip side of orgasm denial. And many of our visitors enjoy exploring this kink. The body desires orgasm on its own terms. Just as orgasm denial is frustrating, so is being coerced to orgasm over and over, beyond your body's desire for pleasure. Imagine a woman holding power over you, and stimulating you beyond the point of pleasure, forcing you to orgasm more times than you imagined you possibly could. Does this sound intriguing to you? Sure it does, you kinky freak! Learn more about coerced orgasms here: Coerced Orgasms: An occasional treat for orgasm denial trainees. The occasional coerced orgasm session is very effective in a long term denial program: once you have undergone such a session, and then are put back into a period of denial, you will think twice before begging for release again. You just might get much more release than you bargained for...

Prostate Milking and Orgasm Denial Domination

Many visitors to Cock Control are curious about male prostate milking, a technique to expel or milk semen from the penis by massaging the prostate or applying stiumulation to the prostate (or "prostrate", as it is frequently and erroneously spelled!) to achieve what is referred to as a prostate orgasm. Trainees often use a device called an Aneros for their prostate milking training. Both coerced prostate milking and voluntary milking of the prostate are frequently used in conjunction with orgasm denial, chastity training, coerced orgasm and ruined orgasm training. If you're interested in learning self prostate milking techniques, we have many Mistresses who can help you with this type of training.

Our Library of Orgasm Denial Audios

One of the most popular features on Cock Control is our library of orgasm denial and cockteasing audios. While you explore our site, make sure to check out for free access to this frequently updated library. Approximately twenty new free cockteasing audios are added to the library each week. The library is interactive, so if you have any special requests for things you would like to hear, please post and let us know - we'll see what we can do to add your particular orgasm denial interest to our library of free audios.

Orgasm Edging

Almost all of our visitors enjoy the feeling of "orgasm edging", or bringing one's self to the edge of orgasm - and staying there. Orgasm edging can take time to learn, and takes lots of practice to perfect; many trainees find that it's very difficult to stay on that "edge of no return" for more than a few seconds without exploding. But with practice (and age!), one can learn to ride the edge of climax for longer and longer periods of time, with amazingly erotic results. Note: we have recently seen the term "gooning" used synonymously with "edging" (See Cock Control if you'd like to learn more about this prolonged and mind-bending sexual practice.

Orgasm Ownership

Orgasm Ownership goes hand in hand with orgasm denial and cock control. Perhaps you're not looking for someone to deny you for a long time: Maybe you just want someone to tell you when you may have an orgasm. Perhaps you'd like your Orgasm Owner to tell you to have an orgasm every day. Though we do advise that you learn restraint with orgasm denial training, we can also accomodate your particular orgasm ownership needs. These are things that you can negotiate with your Cock Control Mistress.

Orgasm Control

Tease and denial is an effective and enjoyable way to learn orgasm control. By learning to control your orgasms, and last longer before you have an orgasm, you will become a better sex partner. Learning orgasm control will also make your masturbation sessions longer and thus more enjoyable as well.

Chastity Training

Penis Chastity training and orgasm denial go hand in hand. The only difference, really, between these two erotic practices is the use of a chastity device in the latter practice. If you're looking for chastity training Mistress, please visit Ms Cassandra's Chastity Training Page, Ms Cecilia's Chastity Device Instruction Page, or Ms Dallas' Strict Chastity Training Program. Cock Control offers both long term male chastity training and encoerced chastity training.

TeaseMania - The 'Net's Largest Collection of FREE Orgasm Denial and Femdom Audios

As you know, we offer orgasm denial phone sessions here at Cock Control. If you'd like to see what our phone sessions are all about before you call, visit the Orgasm Denial and Femdom Audio Library at These audios are 100 percent FREE, and 1000 percent erotic and arousing. Each of the Orgasm Denial Mistresses of Cock Control has posted recordings on the TeaseMania library for your cockstroking enjoyment. Once you've had a chance to listen to the orgasm denial audios in our library, you will have a much better idea of which CockTeasing Mistresses is best suited for your tease and denial training needs.

Erotic Sexual Denial

Erotic Sexual Denial can be defined as denying certain elements of stimulation, withholding contact, and using teasing techniques to arouse and tempt your partner. Erotic sexual denial does not necessarily have to be practiced from a femdom perspective: Many "vanilla" activities and interests incorporate elements of erotic sexual denial.

Webtease with Audio - Daily Orgasm Denial Training at May I Cum?

One of the new sites launched in 2007 is our free daily orgasm denial training site, This unique site features daily posts from the Masturbatrixes of Cock Control, where we provide masturbation instructions for visitors, along with teasing photos of ourselves. At the end of each masturbation instruction post, we've included a brief audio teaser which will tell you whether or not you are allowed a release on that particular day. Remember, though, May I Cum is an orgasm denial site, so be prepared for a lot more "no" and a lot less "yes" if you decide to embark on our orgasm denial and orgasm control training program.

Enchantrix Empire: An Erotic Social Network

Come check out our erotic social network, Enchantrix Empire, where you can hang out with your favorite Mistresses and other members of the Enchantrix Empire social networking community.

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