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The Chasity Dice Game

Are you locked up in chastity as you read this right now? Your chastity cage wrapped around you as ordered by the Mistress in your life who ordered you to lock yourself up in chastity in the first place. So as you are locked away for an undetermined amount of time, why not play some games that can add to your torture?

According to buychastity.com, there are some fun games, like the dice game, that can help pass the time as you while away in your chastity device. All you need is one die, or you can use two dice to double the torture! The keyholder states whether she will roll the die one time, or two times. The keyholder rolls and whatever number comes up is how many days the CB wearer stays in chastity. If she decided on rolling it twice, she gets to roll again, and if it is an even number (2,4,6) then the first number she rolled gets doubled! For example, if the first number rolled was a 6, and the second was a 6, then you have to stay in chastity for 36 days! Now, it’s the wearer’s turn to roll. He rolls one die and he gets to multiply that number by 10. That’s as many minutes he’s allowed out to masturbate and edge, then back into the chastity device he goes!

Keep in mind that you can switch up the terminology in this game. Instead of days, it can be weeks, or instead of weeks, it can be months! That can be determined between you and your Mistress, and what you can handle!

To play this game with a Mistress - visit cockcontrol.com to throw the dice! Don’t forget to bring your chastity device, and have fun!