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Phone Sex Opportunities

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LDW Group is the ideal environment for those who consider themselves "career pso's". We are looking for dedicated, "workaholic", intelligent fantasy artists with above-average writing and creative skills to join our group of hard working, successful phone fantasy artists.

Before reading further, please make sure that LDW Group is a good fit for you: We are looking for individuals who meet the following criteria:

- You have decided that phone fantasy work is what you'd like to do fulltime (40 hours+ per week), at this point in your career

- You understand that this is a job, and though you will enjoy the freedom that comes along with being an Independent Contractor, you are also self-disciplined and motivated enough to do the hard work that comes along with that freedom.

- You are goal oriented and willing to invest time and thought into growing your own business as an Independent PSO, within the LDW family

- You have excellent writing skills (this is a requirement, as much of the work we do on a daily basis involves writing for an educated and intelligent audience)

- You have excellent customer service and sales skills, and understand why a successful phone fantasy artist should have these skills.

- You are a team-oriented worker, and understand that your contributions to the success of the entire LDW team will inevitably result in your own success: financially, professionally and personally.

- The words "drama" and "catty" are not in your vocabulary!

- You want to work in an environment where you are constantly learning new skills, and improving your own marketability: for those who are ambitious and willing to take the initiative, LDW Group is an excellent resource for learning the skills involved in all areas of Internet Marketing, website development, copywriting, blogging, erotic audio production, clientele building and more.

**Please note: If your initial inquiry does not meet the high standards of excellent written communication skills that we require at LDW Group, you will not receive a reply. We have spent a lot of time creating this document and outlining the details and requirements of the position - please make sure that you have the skills required in this position, and that you are ready to devote the time and effort we expect before applying. If your initial inquiry is well written, thoughtful and thorough, we will be in touch with 24 hours of receiving your inquiry (except in the rare event that we are out of the office for more than a day) to schedule an interview.

If LDW sounds like a good fit for you, read on!

* * * *

Posted 2/7: We are now conducting interviews to fill three full time positions. Please apply for these positions only if you can dedicate 35 hours or more per week to signing in for calls, blogging, answering client inquries via email, instant message and chat, and participating in other creative promotional activities.


b>Posted 1/14: We are now accepting applications for part time positions (20 to 40 hours per week.) Please read the information below, and submit a letter of interest.

Post Date 12/7 - Early AM Phone Sex Opportunities Shift Positions Available: LDW Group is interviewing to fill three fulltime phone sex Opportunities positions for the early AM shift. Hired operators can select 5 shifts, any days of the week, between the hours of 3am and 12pm Eastern Time.

About PSO Positions at LDW Group

This is a high paying, high volume phone sex Opportunities dispatch position with chat room, message board, blog, email and Instant Message promotions expected. Almost all of our fulltime operators (and a few of our part time operators) average approximately 1500 to 2000 minutes per period, with some very hard working, talented and ambitious fulltime operators logging 3000 minutes+ per period.

When considering LDW Group as a potenial company to contract with, please keep in mind this is not a "sit by the phone and wait for it to ring" position - our operators invest much effort into achieving such high volume. But if you're willing to put in that effort, the payoff is excellent - our above-average compensation reflects the extra work LDW Group expects of its operators.

If you don't have experience with self-promotion but you'd like to learn, that's fine! We have dedicated staff members whose official positions within the company are to acclimate new contractors, and "hold thier hands" through their first weeks at LDW, to get them acclimated to the promotional opportunities available within our network of sites.

Requirements and Policies:

Computer skills, writing skills, and "superior women" phone session skills are essential. Sales and customer service background is ideal.

It's fine with us if you plan to work for another service or your NF account while on your shift with LDW, as long as you have the multitasking skills necessary for ensuring that your Availability status is always accurate on our indicators, so that our Dispatchers will know whether you're available to take a call. Most operators find that they don't need to work a second company: our call volume is high enough to provide a very decent income.

Online Texting

LDW Phone Sex Operators also have the option of being listed on our texting site, www.sexytexting.com - Online text sessions are paid at the same per minute rate as calls, and are sold in blocks of 10 minutes, so operators are compensated in blocks of 10 minutes for text sessions.

Flexibility in Scheduling and Taking Time Off

When a new operator starts, we do prefer to have a rough schedule of availability, so that we can assure sufficient coverage, and so we can let callers know when a requested operator will be available. There is flexibility in scheduling and if you need time off or change your schedule, it's not a problem as long as you notify the company as far in advance as possible, so that we can make sure your shifts are covered. If you disappear for a week or more without notice, however, your position will most likely be filled by another candidate, unless there is a compelling reason for why you had to take extended time off without notifying the Company. Contractors are welcome to log in extra hours, as long as the hours for which they were originally hired are covered.

The Work Environment

LDW is a fast-paced, expanding, busy, occasionally chaotic but always exciting company that will provide the career-oriented phone sex operator with a supportive environment for furthering their career. This is an ideal position for someone who wants to learn many skills involved in self-promotion, expertise in many types of calls and website management. We have dedicated support in the areas of Staff Mentor, Blog Manager, Record Keeping, IT and Promotions, whose responsibility to the company is to help our operators succeed and provide them with a female-positive, supportive work environment.

So if your long-term goal is to find a phone sex Opportunities company where you can stay for a long time and learn all the skills you need for eventual independent success, this may be an ideal environment for you to learn these skills. We prefer to hire from within for management positions, so if you'd one day like to take on additional responsibilities and compensation in a professional, female-owned and operated company - Learn more about us!

Applying for a Position

When you apply, please include information about your industry and non-industry work experience, the types of calls you specialize in, your availability, and any other relevant information. Please do not send a one-line inquiry - we receive many job inquiries each week, and only those that include the requested information will receive a reply. Position inquiries may be sent to support@enchantrixempire.com - please include "Opportunities" in the Subject Line of your emailed inquiry.

If you are a talented, creative, professional and hard-working phone performer interested in a full time phone sex Opportunities opportunity, we are interested in learning more about you. Please use this page to learn more about us:

* * * * * * * *

We do not always have openings, because we have a very low turnover rate, and because we try to keep a reasonable balance between the number of Mistresses on our sites, and the number of incoming calls. However, you are encouraged to apply at any time, as we are always seeking to contract with the "cream of the crop" in phone sex talent. So if there is not an immediate position available for you at the time of your inquriy, we can work with you to create a position for you, or keep you posted about opportunities that become available.

Please take the time to read this page thoroughly to ensure that you meet all of our qualifications, and that we meet yours. Please note: We are not looking for part time, temporary contractors. All of our contractors are professionals, who bring with them a long-time commitment to their own success. LDW is the ideal environment for those who have decided that phone fantasy is their career of choice for the present time, and we offer the ideal work environment for those who wish to be among the top 10% in earnings, repeat client ratios, and job satisfaction.

Please make sure that you fit this description before applying. If you are looking for something more casual or part time, there are many other services that can accomodate you. If you become an LDW Contractor, we will expect you to treat this like any other professional, high paying position - and in return, we will provide you with one of the most professional work environments in the industry, in which to achieve your financial and professional goals.

Phone Sex Opportunities:
What we offer:

- A well-run, established, female-owned company with a friendly work environment

- Paychecks are always on time, and we offer direct deposit

- Competitive compensation, bonuses, contests and incentives

- No "trolling" - we bring the clients to you; it is up to you to make them your clients after that. Please note, as we offer top compensation to our contractors, we do expect that you will participate in the activities that we have found beneficial to the individual operator in incresing her own call volume and customer retention ratios: Blogging, participating in company chat rooms, producing short audio recording samples, etc. We will provide training in these areas to help you be as successful as possible.

- A large, established client base: LDW Group is in our thirteenth year of business, and we re-invest a large percentage of our revenue into advertising, both on- and offline. The customers are there - if you are skilled on the phone and work hard at building your repeat client base, you can be very successful with our company.

- Flexible schedule: Though we do ask for a schedule at the start of each week, we are very liberal with offering time off and accomodating last minute schedule changes. As long as you are consistently working the number of ours you indicated at the start of your contract with us, we are fine with that./

- Caring, understanding management: The owner of LDW Group (me!) worked as a PSO for a total of 6 years prior to starting the company. I know what makes a positive and friendly work environment, and in creating the company, I tried to place the greatest priority on making our company a superior place for phone performers to work, feel comfortable, and make money!

I am always available to listen to your concerns, questions, complaints, ideas and input.

Many of the features on our sites (and some of the sites themselves) were implemented or created upon the suggestions of our operators. In short, at LDW Group, your voice,opinions, and satisfaction with your job are very valuable to me.

- The ability to decide which types of calls you wish to take: At LDW Group, you are not expected to take every type of call that may come in. If there are subject matters that you are not comfortable with, or even if you just don't prefer certain types of calls, that's fine. Although the more flexible you are, the more calls you'll get, of course, it is perfectly acceptable if you want to put a limit on the types of calls you will take. Please do not apply with our company if you are not comfortable with Domination calls; however, if there are certain activities within that genre that are not for you, that's fine. LDW Group never advertises services that are potentially obscene, such as underage calls, beastiality, calls involving excretory functions, etc., and we encourage our phone performers to decline such calls.

- The opportunity for advancement, and positions in our marketing, production and management departments: All of our managers, writers, audio producers, marketing team, dispatchers, and other essential team members are hired from within. If you would like to become involved in other areas of the phone sex/adult entertainment industry, LDW Group is a great starting point.

What we require:

- You must be 18 years of age or older, and eligible to work as a contractor within the U.S. (all phone service providers with LDW Group are hired on a contract basis, and will receive a 1099.)

- A professional attitude and dedication to hard work: this is a job and all contractors are expected to treat it as such.

- An excellent work ethic, motivation and desire to be among the top 10% in earnings among all phone sex contractors: we will show you how to succeed, and train you in the proven ways we've seen work for our contractors over the past four years. If you're willing to do what it takes to be among the best and the most financially successful operator in the business, we will provide you with the tools and guidance to get there. If you are looking for a part time, work whenever you want type job for a few months, LDW is probably not the company for you. Our operators are professionals, and invest many hours each week increasing their skill levels and building their busineses, and it pays off significantly!

- Good computer skills and the ability to learn new skills quickly.

- Friendly and personable presence on the phone

- Wild, creative imagination

- Familiarily and skill with calls in which you are the one in control (domination, humiliation, teasing and denial, feminization, female body worship, guided masturbation)/p>

- The ability to hold engaging conversations about erotic topics as well as general conversation

- Home computer with Skype, Yahoo Chat, and Email along with current operating system updates and an updated antivirus/firewall program, such as Norton 360 or Kaspersky

- Excellent written and oral language skills

- Excellent follow-up skills (phone performers are responsible for responding to customer inquiries before and after phone sessions)

- Superior customer service skills

- A team-oriented work ethic: at LDW Group, there is very little of the "catfighting" and competitiveness that you may have experienced with other companies. All of the women in our close-knit group are helpful and cooperative, and all new hires are expected to share this positive attitude.

- An ambitious attitude: we will provide the clients, some tips and pointers, and the tools you need to succeed: you must take it from there. This is not a job where you can sit back, do nothing, and expect to succeed; such jobs are few and far between. Our most successful operators are among the highest paid in the industry - but they DO work for that success!

- Direct industry experience is preferred but not required. If you have the skills to entertain and engage clients in fascinating erotic conversation, I am interested in talking to you regardless of where you obtained those skills.

What Next?

If you think our company would be a good fit for you, and if you meet the qualifications outlined above, please send a letter of interest to Ally at ally@ voxerotic.com (remove the space.) Please put "Opportunities" in the subject line, so that your email will be given priority attention. In your letter, please include information about your work history, your specialties and strengths on the phone, and your availability. Please provide as much information as possible in your letter.

Only those applicants whose initial letters demonstrate an excellent grasp of the written language, and whose work history and experience (whether professional or personal) appears to be what we're looking for, will receive a response.

Once we've reviewed your initial inquiry, we will contact qualified applicants to schedule a telephone interview.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing a mutually rewarding arrangement with our company!

President, LDW Group, Inc.