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Selecting a Cock Control Mistress

Ms Delia's Tips for Selecting a Mistress - 800-356-6169

I know that you really want to please your mistress and make her happy by obeying her every command and wish. When you worship your Mistress correctly it can bring amazing pleasure to both of you. But how do you get the perfect fit? How do you find a Mistress who is perfect for you? My tips and hints can help you to select an amazing phone Mistress.

Communication with your Mistress

Communication and honesty are probably the most important things to consider when selecting a Mistress. First, you have to be honest with yourself. Do you know what you are looking for in a Mistress? Maybe you need a Mistress to feminize you. Perhaps you need a Mistress to be very sensual with her domination and teasing. Another Mistress could help to push your limits and challenge you to meet certain goals. Or, maybe you want a Mistress who will be harsh, strict, or humiliating toward you.

Similar interests are important to selecting a Mistress. Once you have been honest with yourself, and have decided what kind of Mistress you are hoping to select, you next need to do some research to make sure you have similar interests. This is key.

Select a Mistress with Similar Interests

Let's say you choose a Mistress who loves corporal punishment, but you only have a small interest in pain, or impact play, spanking, or flogging. At first, while exploring your interests it may be amazing to try some new things. However, over time if your interests do not match, then you will find yourself less happy. That is never good! So, check your interests. If you love strict, try a Mistress of mean. If you love sexy teasing, select a Mistress who specializes in sensual teasing. If you love to be feminized, select a Mistress who specializes in transformations and feminization. If you select a Mistress with whom you have similar interests, you will have amazing sessions.

Trust and your Mistress

Trust is crucial when choosing a Mistress. I know your fetish is something special and unique to only you. Unless it is a public humiliation call, it is really something you don't want shared with others. I know you want to be able to explore your fetishes and your interests in safety and security and in a world free of judgments and preconceptions. Here, you can do that. It's important that you feel comfortable talking about your fetishes and interests. Here you will be. Being able to discuss anything and everything that really makes you hot and excited will lead to amazing calls for both you and your phone Mistress.

It's All About "the Fit"

So, when selecting a Mistress, remember Mistress Delia's tips! First, figure out what you really are looking for because knowing that will get you to the right sties to begin your search. Next, within the group of Mistresses whom you feel would be great for you, look at their interests and do a bit of research. Perhaps a blog resonates well with you, or her pictures keep you up at night thinking. These are good things. Remember your fetishes are safe here, and discretion is something you can trust! Now, what are you waiting for? Start looking for your special Mistress right now.


How to Select a Mistress - by Ms Ivy

So you've finally come to grips with reality. You are a submissive male seeking a strong dominant woman to serve. You should NEVER choose a mistress lightly. You are, after all, chosing one to serve until she either tires of you, or releases you.

You should have a connection with your mistress; a bond, a relationship, so to speak. We provide you with our emails and IMs and numerous ways to contact us.

We ask you a lot of questions during our initial session, and you should do the same. A mistress and submissive should have a mutual understanding of each other. You should be able to tell anything and everything to your mistress. There are no secrets between a submissive and his mistress.

Here we accept you for the submissive that you are, and we allow you to embrace it. In turn you should be comfortable with embracing your submissive side and with us. You should be able to show your true side to your mistress, the real you.

If you have a particular kink, fetish or fantasy the mistress should also enjoy it and understand it. While it is your job to please your mistress and make her happy, we do have an obligation to understand and know our submissive.

So, as daunting and intimidating as it may seem to chose from a list of amazing, smart, intelligent and sexy mistresses - choose wisely. You are giving yourself to her.

Get to know you mistress, as we get to know our subs.

And by the way, it is ok to select more than one to serve under, if you can handle it.

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