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They say women were created in the image of men to be their partner. But we both know the truth. Women were created to control men. Without us you just fumble around, grasping at that cock, pumping and groaning and blowing it over and over.

Wandering lost and confused, because you KNOW your cock really belongs to me. You've been pretending you are the strong one, the one with choices and I am the one who needs you.

I'm here to clear things up for you. It wasn't just a rib you gave to have us here, it was everything. You gave up full control of your every thought and need. All those sensual urges you have, I tell you what to do with them. You are just like an animal, waiting for me to rein you in, maybe even literally.

I'm the woman you've been waiting for to tease you and make you beg for control. But you won't get it. Not ever.

If you expect to be allowed any release at all you better tell me before we begin because I won't decide to take pity on you. I enjoy watching you squirm and hearing you beg.

I've always been in control, learning early on that as a woman I am not the weaker sex, but the strong one, taking full advantage of my ability to own a man. All it takes is making him hard. Once a man is hard, which honestly doesn't take much, he will do anything you want and give you anything if you are intelligent and fun and will just make him cum, or make him think you someday will.

How else could I live in a mansion in Malibu and only do exactly what I please, when I'm not even 25 years old? My husband's cock is completely under my control and I do whatever I want, with whomever I want, for my own pleasure.

Yours will be mine too, and you'll find yourself unable to stop thinking about me from the moment we speak.


We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.50 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+