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Email me at Christine@enchantrixempire.com

I control you when I control your orgasm. A mix of pleasure and frustration is my method of control. You will want more; you will attempt to take control. But you can't . . . your cock belongs to me. You will stroke when I say stroke; you will squeeze when I say squeeze, and you will take your hands away and refrain from touching at my command. Will begging get you the release you so desperately need? Doubtful, but I must admit I will enjoy your whimpering; it blends so well with the grunting and panting, lo...

Oh come now, you have to admit, playing along the edge of orgasm is quite exciting. Experiencing that build up over and over again. And once I do finally let you cum, if I decide to let you cum, the release is so tremendously intense you tremble all over and the site of your cum shooting across the room isn't bad either, lol.

Or, if I decide to not let you cum, well then you will not. I know that it is painful to put way that throbbing, hard, dripping cock... but you must because I say you must. And let's be honest, it does make you adore me even more and when I do finally allow your release... well let's just say that fireworks on the 4th of July have nothing on your explosion!

You do want to please me, don't you? Of course you do. Can you cum on demand? Does the thought of losing control scare you? Does knowing that control of your orgasm now belongs to me excite you? If you answered yes to these questions, the only thing left for you to do is call me and become addicted.

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

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