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Orgasm Denial and Masturbation Training

Are you looking for extended orgasm denial and masturbation training? What is extended orgasm denial training and how can it help you? Extended orgasm denial training is training where you are the control of one head Mistress - one on one, or multiple Mistresses where you are passed around for whatever time you think you can handle being denied. That being said, it is also your choice as to whether you give your Mistress full control of your schedule of being denied: for instance, will she deny your orgasms for two weeks, one month, two months or longer?

In addition, with the orgasm denial tuition, you can get assignments from her in between the calls and have her monitor you based on the schedule you can work out. This helps in facilitating in your urges to have an orgasm and you will feel under the firm control of your Mistress!

Orgasm denial training can help you feel a much more powerful bond with the Mistress of your choice as she monitors your orgasms and places you under her control. You may also choose to be under lock and key in chastity, or use the “honor system” of not cumming under her instructions, or until she gives you release.

If you have further questions about orgasm denial training, contact one of our Mistresses who will help set you up in the tuition program. Be sure to select a head Mistress, or select a few Mistresses who will help you in your extended orgasm denial training!