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Do you Like to be Denied Orgasm?

Are you the kind of guy that wants to be outright denied when you call in for a tease and denial session to your favorite Mistress at cockcontrol.com? Or would you rather give her the choice? Or do you really want to cum on the call - even if the title says it all: tease and denial?

Well, here is what we found out over at enchantrixempire.com - a poll was conducted about whether our poll takers, or our “tease and denial” guys wanted to be denied, or not, and here is what they had to say:

Fifteen percent of poll takers said they call to be denied - and that’s why they called. They do not want to cum, or be given the permission to cum by the Mistress. These are our serious tease and denial guys of the crowd! An astounding 62% said that it is up to the Mistress to decide whether they get to cum or not. Twenty-three percent said they ALWAYS want to cum on a tease and denial call.

So, where do you fit in? Are you in that 62% who will leave it up to the Mistress, or not? It is something worth considering before you make that first tease and denial call, or even the 500th! Also, letting your Mistress know how much control you’d like to give up before hand is quite helpful! Yes, yes, we know that the title says tease AND denial - but that’s not always what you might want - teasing with a little release might be more of what you are looking for. With whichever choice you decide on - be sure to convey to the Mistress just how much control she has, and come on over and look at our profiles at cockcontrol.com!

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