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Seven Ways to Rev Up Your Sex Drive - 800-356-6169

We phone sex girls hear it all - from your fantasies, your fetishes and even dish out advice on how to better improve your sex life with your significant other. What are some ways to get you and your partner thinking about sex? Here are seven ways, according to an article on (Fox on Sex), that can help your sex drive:

Let’s talk about sex. Talking about sex can be just enough to get you to get things started in the bedroom. Perhaps even getting you to have you and your girl call for a couples phone sex call to talk about it will be enough to rev up the engines!

Try some Yaby Yum. This is a tantric sex position where the man sits cross-legged and the woman is in his lap. You can place your hand on her heart, or you can just look into one another’s eyes. This can certainly lead to getting it on because of it’s intense position and connection.

A nice massage. A nice massage can be given to one another to add intimacy, and the spark needed to lead to sex!

Snip, snip boys. A vasectomy can help in the bedroom if you are done having children, and can help you feel more free when it comes to have sex. Plus, getting a vasectomy has no difference in your ejaculate!

Viagra can help you stay erect, but doesn’t add to your overall horniness. Phone sex fetish girls, porn, or your girl’s body can aide and assist you in your horniness - leave the hardness to Viagra!

Grooming. Yes, it’s still important even after you have been together for a long time. It helps in the bedroom if you trim up your hair and keep your nails clean. Also, a little cologne doesn’t hurt either.

Talk it out. Ask her what turns HER on, and vice versa. Communication is key. Phone sex operators must listen to their callers wants and needs, and you need to listen to one another’s sexual needs as well. It’s vital to great sex!

For more questions, or advice about ways to make your sex life more interesting - call for an erotic phone sex session today!

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