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Prolonging your Pleasure with Orgasm Denial Games

By Mistress Tanya of Cock Control

For orgasm denial games by phone, call Ms Tanya at 800-356-6169, or click "Mistresses" above for other orgasm denial game playmates

An orgasm can be described as state of mind that is reached when a sensation is felt from continuous motion to the "crouch area" for any extended amount of time. The process of applying a continuous motion can be completed by any single individual or with the assistance and "guidance" of another person. In the presence of women, most often during a sexual situation, men often experience heightened senses. This causes the tightening of the male testicles because they are jam-packed full of a warm white creamy substance often referred to as "cum". This "cum" which builds up in the "ball" region of men seems to always be ready to make the inevitable journey from their holding ground to the ultimate launch pad in the presence of women like myself and that's no fun for anyone but there is a way to fix that: orgasm denial games.

Orgasm Denial Games are a Fun Way to Make It Last for Your Mistress

I believe that the mind boggling sensation that often causes men to temporarily lose all self control of their body functions should be reach in a more controlled manner. I have personally never met a man who does not enjoy the immense contentment that is delivered immediately following ejaculation and you should. But why rush it? Men know that the end result will lead to an experience like no other yet they still rush to get there? With a slight stimulation to any of the senses, men lose the ability to differentiate between what is actually best for everyone involved and what is only best from them. It is because of this temporary lack of judgment that the need for "orgasm denial" exists.

Men enjoy what feels good just like women but the difference lies in the level of control which is obviously incomparable between the two. Some women are able to climax several time before they "cum" allowing a pleasurable sensation to take over her senses leaving her briefly incapable of functioning. Men on the other hand will cum one time and then crawl into the fetus position becoming motionless and unable to comprehend for quiet a while. Because men are unable to control when this may take place, proper guidance is expected.

Let the Orgasm Denial Games Begin...

Orgasm denial is a way for women to slow men down so that they may experience a "utopia" that is never reached without proper guidance and beneficial instructions. I make it a personal habit to allow all men to appreciate the difference for themselves through a variety of "tease and denial" games. These games are meant to stimulate the senses while refusing to focus on the immediate urge to "explode".

I take my "tease and denial" games extremely serious. This is because I only require for the time that my attention is completely focused on you that you adhere to my instructions precisely. I understand that all men have different "erupting" points so I like create a level of understanding that eliminates any misunderstanding. These misunderstandings can cause a man to cum without permission and that is never a good thing is it? To ensure that this never happens I only play my "tease and denial" games with men who can easily comprehend simple words such as "stop stroking" and "move your hand away from that cock". If a man is comfortable with giving up his "orgasm control" to a sensual yet assertive woman like me, then he has passed the first part of the participation requirement for an orgasm denial game.

What's Always to Be Expected

During an "orgasm denial" session there is one basic element that can be expected by all parties involved: orgasm denial. Some men are a bit more advanced with their knowledge of the proper agreement required for a successful orgasm denial session. Others are properly educated about the subject through multiple inquires. I believe actual "orgasm denial" experience is the only way a man can delay inappropriate ejaculation.

It is at this point that the extent of an "orgasm denial" game is determined. For some men, the pressure of giving up complete "cock control" to a beautiful and superior woman is overwhelming and they only hold out for a small amount of time before they find themselves lost is a daze and their hand stuck in the "stroking" motion. These men simply can be understood as those who will eventually yet not intentionally need to cum. Other men have mastered the "art of denial" for a woman from who insisted that he receives frequent "orgasm denial" practice. They can also be easily understood as men who appreciate being able to release their manly cream only at the request of a woman of proper authority but they can hold it for extended amounts of time. These types of men also benefit from the use of chastity devices which are not designed for all men.

What Will Happen To My Cock in an Orgasm Denial Game?

Men experiencing an "orgasm denial" session with a sensual yet assertive woman can expect their once extremely familiar cocks to be pushed beyond what he has come to expect. He will allow a woman to truly decide when his cock will cum- true "orgasm control". Women are born with the intelligence considered necessary to spark all the senses of men. Once she has the details needed to tease and "arouse" the senses, she is capable of controlling the elevation and exact moment of each climax without inappropriate ejaculation.

During the infatuating minutes of pure "cock control" a man can develop a compelling urgency to listen to the every desire of a woman. This urgency makes the "orgasm denial" game different than the usual stroke session that is only experience in the privacy of a quiet room with no one to motivate you as to how to do it properly. Accepting the challenge of a "tease and denial" game allows you understand the words "you're cock belongs to me" with such clarity.

Your cock will be subjected to repeated and precise stroking without the usual unexpected ejaculation. An "Orgasm denial" game with a qualified woman allows someone other than you to be involved on the entire orgasm control journey. When this occurs men relinquish all self control and find themselves wandering to the very "edge" before being required to return a more relaxed stated.

It is at this time that the throbbing sensation makes itself apparent throughout the entire "cock". This is where a well-informed and experienced woman comes to life. Instead of just letting you answer that throbbing by "briskly stroking" uncontrollably, I execute the "art of denial". Your mind is suddenly focused on an extraordinary visualization thanks to my clear-cut approach of making you focus directly on me and all of my . . . "glory".

Think You Are Ready for Tease and Denial Games?

When a man can stop focusing on the constant throbbing in his genital region long enough to fix his eyes, hears, and mind on the woman with whom he is receiving his "stroking instructions", he will be an equal participant of an erotic exercise know as an "orgasm denial game". Anyone can attempt to play the game, but only a few will be able to fight their inner desires at the request of a woman much like myself. Depending on the seriousness of a man and his level of understanding of the sensational rewards, orgasm denial games can vary in length and intensity. It is a proven fact that the more "controlled stroking" that takes place, the longer a man will be able to maintain a clear mind before the joys of their "release" takes over their mind.

When Will I Cum?

When the urge to "cum" becomes so great that no matter how much one may fight the pressure to continue stroking just can't be ignored. This usually defines a man. Will you crack under pressure and ruin your advanced status in the "denial" game? Or maybe you'll wait it out to the very end knowing that what ever happens you have absolutely no control over? In either event it is the moment when you are standing on the edge and the next push will send you soaring into a place of ecstasy that you shall learn whether your cock will be allowed to "cum" or not. This is most often decided after a man ask one special little question, ". . . may I cum".

I hope at this point all the men who survive to ask this question have been on their very best behavior. My answer can make or break a man so he should never give me a reason to be cruel although I will admit there are some who need to be reminded of my fierceness. To both I say bring it on but please be alarmed. As a domineering woman I determine the best course of action during the "orgasm denial" game so if men want to win they have to do it my way. That's not such a bad deal is it?

Written by Mistress Tanya: 1-800-356-6169

For orgasm denial games by phone, call Ms Tanya at 800-356-6169, or click "Mistresses" above for other orgasm denial game playmates