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Therapeutic Interventions: Part I



“Your 4 o’clock is here now, Dr. Wilson,” the voice buzzed through on the intercom. <P>


“Ok, Shelly, I’ll be out in a moment to greet him,” replied Dr. Wilson.


Olivia Wilson had been a practicing psychologist for five years now.  She specialized in counseling patients with various sexual concerns, dysfunctions, gender identity issues, and also provided couples therapy.   While her work was often very challenging, she also found it to be extremely rewarding.   Sexuality was such a taboo matter, and yet such an important part of life.  It brought great satisfaction to Dr. Wilson when she was able to assist a client through their difficulties.


Before she stepped out into the reception area, Olivia quickly glanced at her reflection in the antique Italian walnut mirror on the wall of her office.  Her shoulder length chestnut brown hair was tied back in a simple French knot.  Her olive colored skin bore minimal make-up, just a touch of bronze lipstick and some black mascara to accent her warm brown eyes.  When she was at the office and seeing patients, she typically dressed in casual-professional attire, though she was something of a shoe goddess.  Olivia had more pairs of shoes than she had places to store them at her home.  She saw nothing wrong with dropping $400 or more on a pair of exquisite shoes.  Today she was wearing her Kate Spade black patent pumps to compliment the black suit she wore with a feminine white lace blouse underneath. 


The late October afternoon sun was beaming through the windows in the lobby when Olivia stepped out to meet her new client, Troy Devens.   She took a moment to quietly observe him before he spotted her standing in the doorway.  Mr. Devens appeared slightly uncomfortable, shifting in his chair.  While he was well groomed, there was something disheveled about the look in his light blue eyes.


“Mr. Devens?” Olivia inquired, extending her graceful hand to him.


He quickly stood up and Olivia smiled into those piercing blue eyes of his. 


“Hello, I’m Dr. Wilson,” she offered.


“Yes, of course.  Thank you for seeing me,” he responded, shaking her hand.


Olivia noticed what a firm but gentle grip Mr. Devens had as he took her hand into his.


“Did you have any trouble finding the building, Mr. Devens? Olivia inquired.


“No, not at all…and you can call me Troy,” he smiled softly.


“All right then.  Why don’t you follow me to my office, Troy?” Olivia suggested.


“Very well,” he politely replied.


Once settled into Olivia’s office, Troy began to feel a little less apprehensive.  He wondered how he would explain his situation to her without seeming bizarre or foolish. Olivia sensed a struggle in him, and attempted to make him as comfortable as possible by offering him something to drink and making non-threatening small talk for a few minutes.  She also explained to her patient that first sessions with clients were generally shorter in duration; Olivia preferred to use the time to uncover what the presenting problem was and then move on to the helping phase by the second or third session.  When he seemed a bit more at ease, she began the session.


“I’d like to start by asking you what it is that brought you here to see me,” Olivia said gently.


Troy’s eyes immediately became fixed on the floor.  How could he tell this stranger about the unusual events that have recently taken place? 


Olivia wasn’t quite sure, but there was something contradictory about Troy Devens.  On one hand, he presented as an articulate, confident, and proud man and yet, there was a hint of real conflict going on within him.  She listened intently as he began his story.


“Well, I don’t know exactly the best way to describe my problem without making you aware of my background,” he coughed nervously at the end of his sentence.


“Ok, then, let’s begin there,” Olivia encouraged.


“This is going to sound strange and I am not even sure you are going to understand,” he brushed a lock of black hair out of his eyes.


“Try me,” Olivia offered.


“Well, all right.  You see, I am what is known as a Master…a dominant male.  I am very active in the BDSM community and have been dominant for as long as I can recall in all of my relationships,” Troy carefully explained.


Well this is going to be interesting, Olivia thought to herself with a slight smile playing across her lips.


“I have always enjoyed the power I have over women.  You probably think I am some kind of chauvinist, but this is a lifestyle I truly believe in.  Or at least, I had believed in…” he trailed off.


“What is it about your telling me about your lifestyle that makes you think I would label you as a chauvinist?” Olivia asked.


Troy looked closely at Olivia’s face.  “I….guess I am thinking that because you are a woman, you might have some…reservations about some of the practices I partake in.”


“Tell me about these practices,” Olivia directed.


“Well, I enjoy a variety of BDSM practices,” Troy stated.

“Such as?” Olivia pressed. 


“Things like whipping and flogging my submissives.  Spanking.  Humiliating. Torturing,” he paused to see what the doctor’s response might be.


Olivia’s eyes remained quietly fixed on Troy.  There was no sign of disgust, fear or concern on her delicate face.


“Sounds intense,” Olivia commented in an even tone.


“It is.  It can be…it was,” Troy’s tone became softer.


“And what has changed?” Olivia questioned.


“A few weeks ago, I met this woman.  Beautiful, elegant, highly intelligent..  And dominant,” he stated.


“And what happened?” Olivia felt her pulse quicken slightly.


“She knew I was dominant also.  She told me that if I gave her one week, she would have me under her finger,” Troy’s voice was barely above a whisper now.


Olivia noticed the way Troy was unconsciously rubbing his index finger.


“I don’t know whether it was because I thought I’d prove her wrong and turn the tables on her, or if I was just taken with her exotic beauty, but I agreed to her offer.  And for one whole week, I lived, breathed and existed as her slave,” his face was becoming red now.


“And how was that experience?” Dr. Wilson prompted him to go on.


“It was…god…it was incredible.  I forgot about everything I ever did before, everything I was…and she had me under her complete control.  And I didn’t care.  I was intoxicated by her power, I only wanted to serve and please her, that was my only objective,” Troy explained.


“Are you still with this woman?” Olivia wondered.


“No.  She is from another state and was only here for a short visit.  I knew that at the outset.  And its not that I even want to be with her again or see her again, or anything like that.  The problem is, now I can’t go back to my dominant life.  I want to, but I just can’t do it.  I have a pet…who I play with frequently and I couldn’t even get through a scene with her the other day.  I tried to penetrate her and I was fully aroused  but I could not orgasm.  I have tried to masturbate but I can’t do it to completion.  This has never happened to me before in my life.  I have not been able to cum since I left my Mistress,” Troy said in an agonized voice.


“Have you ever considered that you are a switch?” Olivia inquired and immediately wished she hadn’t used the word ‘switch’.  She did not want to indicate anything to Troy to make him suspect she was fluent in BDSM…fluent in so many ways…


Troy looked closely at Olivia.  He felt slightly peculiar about this psychologist. 


“I am not a switch.  I never had the desire to submit to a woman before,” he said matter-of-factly.


“And yet, you submitted completely to this woman,” Olivia pointed out.


“Yes, but I knew it was a temporary arrangement.  I had no intentions of making any lifestyle changes.  The day I left her apartment I was eager to return to my role.  And I felt as though everything was returning to normal until that first scene with my playmate. I carried out all of the usual preparations, and became aroused as I usually do during scenes.  I flogged my pet’s ass until it was welted and she cried out for me to take her.  And I was willing, ready and able.  But…no matter what we did, I could not orgasm.  I had another scene a few days later—same thing.  I couldn’t cum.  And then I tried jerking off…to no avail,” Troy relayed.


“So, would you say that you are most bothered by the fact that you cannot reach orgasm than you are by what took place during that week with your Mistress?” Olivia asked him.


“Yes, I think so.  I even went to my physician and had a complete work-up done. There is nothing medically or physically wrong with me.  So then my doctor suggested I see you” Troy said in a slightly defeated manner.


“All right then.  So you’ve rightly ruled out that there is no physical problem.  Clearly, something else is holding you back from enjoying the pleasures you previously had known,” Olivia summarized.


“But what is it?” Troy pleaded.


“That is what we will work together to find out.  I recommend that you come to session with me twice weekly for at least the next eight weeks.  Does that sound reasonable to you?” Dr. Wilson suggested.


“I suppose.  Dr. Wilson, are you saying it might take me eight weeks before I can have an orgasm?” Troy’s eyes widened.


“How long has it been since you last orgasmed?” Olivia asked.


“About four weeks. Since I was with my Mistress.  She only let me cum a couple of times during that week we had together, but when she did it was…amazing…” Troy reminisced.


“What was it that your Mistress did that brought you to orgasm?” Olivia wanted to know.


“She barely touched me.  She made me service her, orally and with my fingers….and if I earned the right, she would let me jerk off in front of her,” Troy explained.


“Ok.  So you were able to have an orgasm at that time.  But not since,” Olivia reviewed.


“That is correct.  Not since then,” Troy reiterated.


“Troy, I have a lot of experience working with individual’s who experience various sorts of sexual dysfunction.  I can assure you that with some intensive counseling, we can solve this dilemma of yours.  I am going to suggest we work on a treatment plan together the next time you come in.  How does Friday sound?  That would be the day after tomorrow.  We can get started on our work together right away,” Olivia suggested.


“Yes. That will be fine,” Troy agreed. 


Mr. Devans left Olivia’s office feeling slightly relieved.  He wasn’t sure what the doctor had in mind for a “treatment plan” but she seemed to know what she was doing.  All he knew is he just wanted to be able to cum again.  Would Dr. Wilson really be able to help him achieve his goal?


Olivia was writing her patient notes in her office.  Her receptionist had gone home for the day, as Troy was her last appointment.  She reflected on the session she had with this gentleman.  She suspected that Troy was really a submissive but had incorrectly convinced himself all of his life that he was a dominant male.  It took this one experience to bring this out in him and now he could no longer obtain pleasure from his dominant activity.  She smiled to herself as she thought of how she would “treat” Troy’s predicament. 


At half-past five, her cell phone rang.  She was printing out her session notes from her computer and pressed the “talk” button on her phone.


“Hello?” she said.


“Mistress Olivia…this is Julian….I’ve been a very naughty boy this week and I really need you to discipline me,” the voice on the other end said.


Olivia’s eyes lit up and a deviant smile appeared across her face...<P>





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