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Tease, Delay, and Denial

I am a self confessed long-term masturbator. Before I found I was a very simple masturbator. By that I mean there were no elaborate scenarios, or much thought put into it, I would simply just “rub one out”.  After many years of self gratification I began to wonder if there wasn’t more pleasure . . . → Read More: Tease, Delay, and Denial

Two Mistress Anal Play with Ms Delia and Ms Sierra

Hello my little anal play toys! You know how much I love anal play and adventures! It is wonderful when I can find a Mistress who loves the same types of prostate play that I do. I had a chance to reconnect with Ms. Sierra today since returning from Vegas. We had a fun . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Anal Play with Ms Delia and Ms Sierra

What is Masturbation?

Merriam-Webster defines masturbation as the erotic stimulation of one’s own genitals that commonly (but not always) results in an orgasm acheived without sexual intercourse. Methods can include instrumental manipulation, sexual fantasies, and other types and combinations of stimulation outside the realm of sexual intercourse.

Many people think touching themselves in a way that sexually . . . → Read More: What is Masturbation?

Live on Thursday! Hair and Heels with Alexandria and Ivy – Free Live Sexy Online Radio

Big Papa Inside the Strokers Studio

Hello everyone, it’s Castaway once again to bring you another preview of the upcoming episode of Hair and Heels, airing on Thursday @ 8pm While I must say I had a great time enjoying (and enduring) my night in the spotlight, a part of me is . . . → Read More: Live on Thursday! Hair and Heels with Alexandria and Ivy – Free Live Sexy Online Radio

Cuckolds and the Art of the Creampie

If you’re a cuckold, or you’re thinking of trying it for the first time, you should know that you can be greatly rewarded with a very delicious and decadent treat. And while seeing your wife in the heart of a passionate tryst with her favorite lover is luscious in itself, the treat that I’m . . . → Read More: Cuckolds and the Art of the Creampie

The Service Submissive

“I am not a submissive,” you say. “I just believe women should be taken care of and I enjoy doing things for them that make their lives easier. That doesn’t make me a submissive, that just makes me a nice guy who likes to help out. I keep telling my friend this, and she . . . → Read More: The Service Submissive

Why I Enjoy Domination Phone Sex

I recently got married after being a bachelor years and was asked by my wife why I enjoy calling for domination phone sex, so here I am, trying to explain it. I think there is an illusion that only guys who are losers and can’t get real dates or can’t sustain a real relationship . . . → Read More: Why I Enjoy Domination Phone Sex

What is a Ruined Orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is a form of orgasm control and major component of cock control that occurs as the result of a dominant stimulating a submissive to the point of orgasm and discontinuing the stimulation at the exact moment of ejaculation and/or blocking the flow of ejaculatory fluid, thus ruining the orgasm by minimizing . . . → Read More: What is a Ruined Orgasm?

Femdom Worship

Let’s face it; women’s bodies were made to be worshiped. They are curvaceous and symmetrical and create a highly erotic silhouette. Their bodies are sexy by nature and they know it. Not only do they know it, they use it to their advantage.

Think about it. A sexy woman walks by wearing a short, . . . → Read More: Femdom Worship

Stroking Techniques

Are you tired of using the same old stroking technique yet can’t think of something more exciting? It doesn’t necessarily take reinventing the wheel to find a better way- sometimes it’s just a matter of taking what you already know and changing it up a little. For example, when was the last time you . . . → Read More: Stroking Techniques