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Sissy Valentines With Ms Christine

Mistress Christine

Be My Sissy Valentine

Do You Have A Valentine?

Tell me sissy, do you have a special person to spend this Valentine’s Day with? Is it your Mistress, the hot wife who cuckolds you or is it your boyfriend? Well, no matter who it is, I think it’s important that you read about my tips on how to dress – appropriately. Your usually slutty attire might be good for most days, but you should really try to class it up a little for Valentine’s. Think sexy, not slutty.

Sexy Underneath

You already know a smooth sissy is a happy sissy, so make sure you shave yourself smooth and use some quality moisturizer all over. Pick out a nice pair of panties. Try leaving the crotchless ones in the drawer. I’m not saying you need to wear “grannie panties” – a bikini cut or even boy shorts can be very sexy. Think about something with a gaff if you really want to show off a smooth front! Thigh highs are a must, but go with the basic black, maybe with a backseam and lacy tops. Finish it off with a matching bra – and don’t forget the breast forms!

Covering Up The Goods

Now, you can’t go out in just a bra and panties. That would get you arrested, and sissies don’t do well in jail. But remember, we’re going for sexy, not slutty. A simple LBD – little black dress – will be perfect. It won’t be as short as your typical micro-mini’s or as low cut as most of your blouses, so your tits and ass won’t be on display every time you bend over. Oh, and forget the skyscraper stiletto’s. 5-inch heels should be just enough to give you the sexy legs you’re looking for.

Have a Happy Valentine’s with your special someone my sissy pet!

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