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Could You Be a Cuckold?

If you are a man who enjoys the idea of his wife or girlfriend being pleasured sexually by another man, a superior man, then you may be interested in cuckolding.  There are many different types of cuckolds and many different fantasy styles.  LDW has a variety of Mistresses to guide you on your cuckold journey.  Here are just a few of the ladies that will guide your exploration of cuckold fantasies.


Erotic Mistress Delia


Mistress Delia:  “I will teach you how to become a perfect cuckold. If you have tried this before, I will give you tips on how you can be a  better cuckold, because that’s about all you are good for in the bedroom!”





Mistress Sirena:  “I know you want Me to be happy, so you will do anything for Me. You would even bring home studs for Me, big strong men, who would please Me, and you will stand there, ashamed, by the side of the bed, listening, watching as I scream with pleasure…..”





Mistress Camlyn:  “If you’re a good boy for me, I’ll bring my well-hung lovers over so you can watch. I’ll dress you up like a good little sissy and put you on fluffer duty.”






Mistress Kaylee:  “When I come home from a night out, you can smell him all over me! You know that you will be served a nice cream pie and clean it up well as I tell you all about my night.”



Cum explore your Cuckold Fantasies with the experienced Mistresses of LDW.

 Let them help you discover which type of Cuckold YOU are!

6 comments to Could You Be a Cuckold?

  • Oh Alice you naughty thing you! Did you have those dirty dreams?? 😉

    Thank you for mentioning me in the blog post! Mmmmm I sure do love my cucky boys and they who’ve played with me know I like my cucks a particular way….my way! LOL

  • Alice Wonder

    Oh my, I just noticed that picture of Sirena, what’s going on in that sh*t. Damn. I’m gonna have sweet sweet dreams tonight…

  • Hot fun for sure! Cuckold calls are yummy!! You are very welcome bfla! 😉

  • bfla

    I like the way you both think about it. Alice my enjoyment of cuckolding is much like yours. I don’t think of it as me being inferior or smaller or him better than me. I welcome him as a friend and someone I also enjoy being with. For me It is all about the excitement of seeing her pleasure in enjoying hot sex with him and her excitement in having me there to watch and even participate. The more I can help make them both happy the more excited and happy she gets and the more pleasure I get out of that. It’s a giant pleasure circle. Wheeeee!

    Kaylee I agree there are a lot of ways to enjoy cuckoldjng as evidenced by the different mistresses here. To all four of you great promotion. And Kaylee I am glad you enjoy it in so many ways, and thanks for the hot ways we have enjoyed cuckolding calls.

  • I love the way you think about it!!! There are definitely many ways to view cuckolding, and I am sooo into enjoying and exploring them all. Yummy!! As long as I am receiving all the pleasure…great in my book 😉

  • Alice Wonder

    For me personally, I don’t always like to think of the fantasy as one where he is the `superior man’ though I must confess I’ve had a few fantasies along those lines.

    Usually I like to think of it a little differently, we have different roles. He may be better equipped to satisfy her raw sexual needs than I am but my place is serving other needs he isn’t able to meet. Thus in that respect, he isn’t superior to me, we compliment each other in giving her the best of both worlds.

    Sometimes I even see him as inferior, just a big cock whose only purpose is her sexual gratification.

    There’s a lot of different ways to view cuckolding, though they do for me all have one thing in common: It’s about making sure she has the pleasure I want her to have.

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