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The Amazing Ladies of the LDW Live Help Desk

Meet the Ladies Always Ready to Help

 All of the ladies of LDW are here to bring to life all the dreams you dare not tell another soul. But two of them provide the extra service that ensures you reach the Enchantrix that best suits your unique desires. I am speaking of the amazing . . . → Read More: The Amazing Ladies of the LDW Live Help Desk

Cum Eating: Now or Later

Cum Eating Question

Are you new to coached cum eating? Perhaps you’re already a pro? Scarlet will be answering the commonly asked question, “Do I eat my cum right after orgasm or should I wait to eat it?” Your favorite cum eating instructor has the answer!

The Scarlet Mistress

To call . . . → Read More: Cum Eating: Now or Later

Edge Play Phone Sex with Ms. Alexis

I absolutely love to control the orgasms of men through tease and denial phone sex. They always ask me to tell them in detail exactly how I would deprive them of the orgasm they want so much but know that they don’t deserve. And I, being the lovely brat that I am, am always . . . → Read More: Edge Play Phone Sex with Ms. Alexis

Humiliation Scavenger Hunt

For the month of August, Mistress Harper is running a Humiliation Scavenger Hunt!

All you have to do is find all the places Mistress Harper posts about humiliation, online, and leave a comment! Keep track of where you found each Humiliating tidbit, and at the end of the month, provided you’ve caught them all, . . . → Read More: Humiliation Scavenger Hunt