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Virtual World CFNM Party!

Virtual World CFNM Party!

Hey there, Mistress Erika here to tell you about a hot~n~sexy event we are going to have in Virtual World! So join us, learn how here. We’ll see you for our first ever CFNM party in world on our Enchantrix Empire sim! This is your chance to get naked for us . . . → Read More: Virtual World CFNM Party!

Did you miss Ms. Scarlet?

Did you miss Ms. Scarlet? I know you did.

One of the perks of being such a busy phone sex girlfriend is that she gets to play hard – whenever she wants to! That means that she can be here for you for a few weeks and then just up and fly away to . . . → Read More: Did you miss Ms. Scarlet?

Psychic Mistress Harper

Have you ever had a psychic Mistress?

Sometimes folks are what we like to call “intuitive”. This intuition means that we can pick up on things that are often hidden, or kept secret. Have you ever known who was calling before you picked up the phone? Or wondered about a song, right before it . . . → Read More: Psychic Mistress Harper

The Importance of Non-Verbal Safewords

Safe words are critical in keeping a scene safe, but they’re not always spoken out loud.

For many in the BSDM Community, the stoplight system of “Green” = everything’s good, “Yellow” = proceed with caution & slow down, you’re approaching a limit, and “Red” = whatever you’re doing, STOP NOW! works great. . . . → Read More: The Importance of Non-Verbal Safewords

Virtual World Sissy Fun

Save the date! We are going to be having Virtual World Sissy Fun! The Sissy Soirée being held in Virtual World will be May 12 from 7-10pm eastern. Never heard of virtual world? No problem. Check out the How To Join Us Page. .  The download of the browser and creating an account are . . . → Read More: Virtual World Sissy Fun

Coerced Cock Sucking and More: News from Miss Rachel!

Happy Masturbation May! I’ve been busy with a lot of creative projects lately in addition to the daily joy of indulging your Femdom phone sex fantasies. The one I’m most excited about is the new mesmerizer I’ve uploaded to the audio store: Coerced Cocksucking Mesmerizer. *giggle* I guess I like to save the creativity . . . → Read More: Coerced Cock Sucking and More: News from Miss Rachel!

Masturbation May -Time to Have Fun

Join the ladies of Enchantrix and have some Masturbation May fun. The ladies have come up with a couple of really awesome ways for you to enjoy your Masturbation May with them. Of course, both ideas involve masturbation, and both will be rewarding prizes!

Masturbation Writing Contest

Get those kinky fingers to work and . . . → Read More: Masturbation May -Time to Have Fun