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A Birthday Bash for Constance and Hunter

Tonight, Wednesday September 20th, there will be a birthday bash for Ms. Constance and Ms. Hunter at 8pm eastern. This will replace the Kink Korner show.

How to join us

We will be in our adult kink chat room at 8 pm and you will want to tune into the live podcast happening on Cock Radio . Ms. Constance plans to celebrate in her birthday suit and you all are welcome to do the same.

Check out last year’s bash

Did you miss last year’s bash or just want to see what you can expect check out the podcast of last year’s birthday bash here. We’ll plan to see you all at the party and lets have some fun!

2 comments to A Birthday Bash for Constance and Hunter

  • My belated birthday wishes to both Ms. Constance & Ms. Hunter!

    Hope you had an amazing time with the guys & gals.

    Have a lovely year, both of you!

  • Man oh man, the year does fly by. The fun thing about your annual birthday bash is that it’s the last major holiday before the holiday season kicks in. Yes, I include Halloween on that list. Those chocolate pumpkins with the orange marshmallow, mmmmm…

    But anyway, I already know that tons of people will be coming out in droves to help you celebrate. Rock on, divas. Rock on.

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