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Ms. Constance’s Pumpkin Pumper

Think outside the boxPumpkin Pumper

The next time you are super horny and at the grocery store Ms. Constance wants you to take a look around and think outside the box for new fun exciting ways to spice up your masturbation routine. Maybe you will want to be the next pumpkin pumper to enter her Cocktober contest.

Get some ideas for your shopping trip here and use your imagination.

1 comment to Ms. Constance’s Pumpkin Pumper

  • I just picked up TWO giant pumpkins yesterday, and man were they heavy. I thought my tits were tough to lug around. That little adventure certainly set me straight. I can certainly understand why there are a lot of pumpkin pumpers out there. I think they like the way all those stringy seeds tickle their dicks while they plow on through. And after reading that, I’m sure I’ve just created a lot more curious pumpers out there. Do see Mistress Constance for guidance on the matter.

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