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Confess to Mistress Scarlet

Have you been keeping a secret? Watching porn that no-one would suspect by a guy like you? I know what you’ve been hiding. I know what you are. It’s time to confess to Scarlet.

Confess your cock sucking fantasies to Ms. Scarlet.


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2 comments to Dick Taker

  • Hi donna! My voice definitely changes when I’m being more strict. Let’s play sometime!

  • sissy donna

    Hello Mistress,
    i look at porn all the time and some friends know i look at it a lot. They don’t know that when i am looking at it, i am looking at not the pussy but the big beautiful dicks and all the delicious cum, they give to the lucky women. i make believe that’s me sucking all the big dicks and swallowing all the delicious cum, while a Mistress has my sissy clitty all locked up in a chastity cage for a long time! mmmm!
    Mistress Scarlet, i love listening to Your voice,it’s so soothing and soft! When You humiliate a slut do You speak the same way, or is Your voice more strict?
    Thank You,
    sissy donna

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