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Sad news

I’m sad to have to share the news that Ms. Vivian passed away this past weekend. Those of you who knew her may have known that she hadn’t been feeling well lately, and we got the news from her husband Roy that she left this world on Saturday evening. She was a major part of the LDW family for over a decade, and we will miss her so much.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to pass along condolences to her husband if you knew him or knew of him (she talked about him a LOT! 🙂 ) please get in touch with me at and I’ll help you with that.

We are coordinating a memorial show on Cock Radio (where she held court often) to celebrate her life. Details of that show will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

RIP Ms. Vivian – we will miss you lots and lots.

20 comments to Sad news

  • This is definitely a shock.

    My sincerest condolences to all who knew and loved Ms Vivian whether it be her family, friends, or the many of you who not only had amazing calls with her and relished in her supportive guidance over the years, but who also had a sense of closeness and safety in being able to open up to her in a way that they may not have been able to otherwise do.

    Vivian, every interaction I have ever had with you was always a true joy. You were knowledgable, a riot to talk to, and supportive and welcoming to all who had the pleasure of knowing you in every way, and you will be missed terribly.

    -Ms Lilith

  • Sorry to hear about her passing.I send my condolences.She provided many people fulfillment.I applaud her husband for supporting her in an area many would have not.

  • I’m still processing this news, to be honest. The first time I was lucky enough to meet Ms Viv on a “mistress Vacation” she had tiaras for everyone! It was so much fun, sitting around like princesses. I love my GODDESS tiara. The next time I saw her, she gave me a fairy swatter. So adorable!
    I will miss everything about Ms Vivian. Her wit, her sense of humor, her special connection to the sissies and fems. I know this Thanksgiving and all the rest we will think of her and “Alice’s Restaurant”.

    We love you, Ms Viv.


  • Mistress Amber

    I spoke with Mistress Rita yesterday, who has since left LDW. She was so sad to hear this news and requested that I pass on her deepest condolences.

  • tiny tim

    Sad news. So sorry about Ms. Vivian.

  • Mistress Amber

    Miss Vivian had a lovely style all her own. She was so kind to me when I started, so quick with a joke and always made you feel at ease. Talking to her, it was like you had known her forever. What a sweetheart. She’ll be missed for sure.

  • Ms. Vivian’s beautiful, playful spirit shines brightly to everyone who knew her. From the few times I was fortunate enough to talk with her, it was easy to gleam what a stellar and fun woman she was, bubbling with vivacious personality and wry humor. That’s all it took to glimpse her strong magnetism. All the best to her family, friends and clients. Her bright sparkle will always be a part of those she touched. Love and light, -F

  • Howie

    Condolences to Roy and to everyone at LDW.

  • Vivian, much like her name, exhibited a warmth and caring that I will never forget. Always encouraging, always supportive. She is synonymous with the LDW name. You are missed.

  • Ms. Viv and I started here at LDW about the same time. Her quirky sense of humor and straight-forward personality meshed well with mine, even if we didn’t always agree on everything. I’ll always think of her at Thanksgiving when I hear “Alice’s Restaurant” and I’ll miss her messages popping up on my screen with a “Hi, Ms. H”. The last time I dispatched with her was the last time she sent me a message, saying, “I’m going to scoot.” And scoot, she did. RIP Ms Viv, you’ll be missed~ <3

  • MissAndiSissy

    I am saddened to hear of the passing of Ms. Vivian.
    I can recall when I first began my journey on Enchantrix Empire, Miss Vivian would always give an guiding hand.
    Any kind of advice, she was there to help.

    I would of NEVER of discovered Empress Andi
    As Ms. Vivian would advise (to us) other ladies who would suit them.

    You will always be remembered.

  • I can’t stop getting teary eyed when I think of the loss that will always be felt. I miss her presence even though we didn’t talk all that often – I knew she was here and now I know she’s gone. R.I.P. beautiful Viv.

  • ms cooper

    Ms Viv, so many wonderful memories I have of all of our conversations. No one can tell a story like you did. Thank you
    so much for all of your help and support but most of all thanks
    for your heart felt friendship. You will always have a special
    place in my heart. I will miss your laughter. Now get that cup
    of tea you loved so much and know that you we’re special to so
    many people. Missing you xox Coops

  • Wes

    Heart broken and no words.. Deepest Condolences to Vivian’s family..

  • Oh, Ms. Vivian!

    We’d been getting to know each other as MILF-y women. You had so so much to teach me! I shall miss your lessons terribly. Talking to you on Skype was always an entertaining experience and it was such a joy to work under your tutelage. You are an amazing woman, so beautiful and filled with joy.

    Thank you, too, for taking care of so many of our clients over the years. I know, because I have heard in the 3 years since I have been here, that there was really no one else like you on the phones.

    And your writing! Delicious! You are a wonderful writer.

    For me (and I know many will not see it this way), Life After Death does not occur in a Heaven, but in our hearts and memories. As long as we talk and think about our loved ones, that is how we are able to continue long after our mortal bodies are gone. So, in this way, dearest Viv, you are still an enormous part of us here at LDW and, I am sure, in those who surrounded you in life.

    Enjoy the Light!

  • I am so so sorry to hear this.

    Thank you Miss Vivian for the years of kindness and compassion you always showed me, for the laughter you always gave me on your radio shows, for the insight you always shared on your blog.

    I will miss you a lot. I know you meant a lot to a lot of people, just as you meant a lot to me, and you will never be forgotten.

    Be at peace, you gave peace to so many.

  • Oh Miss Viv, I will miss your laugh, which even seemed to come through in the text of your blog posts. You were a creative, smart, fun-loving person to know and to work with, and my heart has been aching ever since I found out that you were gone from this realm.

    My sincere condolences to her lovely Roy, her close friends, and those who may have become especially close to her in session. She will be deeply missed.

  • Constance

    Very sad news indeed………..She will be missed by many myself included but her memory and spirit lives on in all of us who have the privilege of knowing her….R.I.P Viv

  • You touched me though in comparison, I knew You for only a minute.
    We laughed together for only moments. But Your energy and spirit will live with me all the days of my life.
    RIP sweet lady. R.I.P.

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