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Ms. Olivia: Feminization will Redefine You

Are you curious about feminization?feminization by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

When you are en femme … who are you? I know the difference between a crossdresser, sissy, and a transgendered girl. I know the myths about crossdressers and know you might be attracted to men en femme or you might be attracted to other women. There are so many nuances to gender play and feminization. You might also have no interest in being en femme — some men simply like the feel of silky lingerie!

No matter why you start wearing lingerie

I will talk with you and we will create your ultimate sexy scene or fantasy. This can even be your total submission to your Mistress during our session. I might do anything and everything I want with you and create you into my sexy girl. Who knows where we can go with this? Our imagination is the limit and I can tell you I have a very creative imagination. I know you also have the most amazing fantasies that you want to explore.

Beginning your journey with this Mistress

There are several ways for you to connect with me. I love to respond to your comments on my blog: Experienced Mistress. Feel free to send me an email. My email is olivia AT I’m also on Skype. My Skype ID is: Olivia.800.356.6169. One note about Skype, I don’t answer IM’s while I’m in a session or on a call. Feel free to reach out and then you can check the availability status on my blog.

Let’s connect!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

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2 comments to Ms. Olivia: Feminization will Redefine You

  • There are indeed many nuances to feminization, and it takes a truly experienced Mistress to be able to sort them all out. I know that it makes our sissies and non-sissies alike very appreciative of the fact that they have someone they can feel comfortable with. Sometimes it’s just great to have someone “get you” and you do that very well, Ms Olivia.

  • Petey cream puff

    From past calls feminization has been fantastic with you dressing/turning/lipstick kissing my cheeks and keeping me as your cream puff girl. I want to keep doing this with you and the other mistresses.

    This has happened to me for real as my masseuse has measured/fitted me in bra along with having me bring dresses to try on for her. She had me wear lipstick/makeup and made me keep it on for waxings along with taking pictures of me with her phone dressed up. I asked her to do this and she happily agreed. She’s even taking me with her out for errends dressed up as well. I came out of closet with her and it’s best decision I made. I want to be in this type of relationship, she told me I need to tell New gf about this as she thinks she already suspects this as I’ve told her I like to wear perfume/women’s lotions along with her telling me she loved fingernail polish which she wore from 8th grade through high school.

    Both women have started to control who I spend and said if I spend foolishly they both will kick my butt. In that aspect I’m already in female lead relationship with both, my masseuse said she may already suspect that I like to wear women’s clothes and I need to tell her this, the girl I’m seeing has been honest/open with me as we’ve had close conversations. I just don’t want to ruin friendship and now relationship with her but I feel I need to put on my big girl panties/man up and tell her. She said her goal is to make me more well rounded and know more about me off the tennis courts and do things off the court. I don’t mind if she does this to me. I do want her to take more control and by telling her this I think it will make me her submissive bf and better person. Do you think her wanting to make me more well rounded/know more about me is her wanting to take control of me?

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