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We have many resources for Erotic Audios fans. Here are a few:

Enchantrix Audio Store: We offer premium, full length erotic audios on the Enchantrix audio store

TeaseMania: You’ll find two forums filled with erotic audios on Teasemania, our Orgasm Denial and Guided Masturbation forums

Enchantrix Empire: Our Social Network has an extensive Mistress audios library

Erotic Audios: Custom Audio Recording: If you’d like to order a custom audio, visit

3 comments to Audios

  • WBethanne

    Empress Emma Jane is so nice and polite to deal with. Her attention to detail and the process is impeccable. I am looking forward to many more audios with her for she understands the importance of it all and is so friendly.

  • sissy slave ted

    i enjoyed very much the audios the pain Mistress’s. i really liked
    what Empress Christine had to say.

    sincerly yours slave ted

  • jim

    ms audrey is amazing. she is very easy to talk to – really gets into your head – warm, smooth, fun, she knew i had a secret and meandered around it a long time – she seemed to know what it was without me even saying. she sensed my shame and warmly embraced it and deepened it – REALLY letting me feel it – i could feel my red face and felt so small and inadequate – yet the smaller i felt the more i wanted to hear her. the real clincher was that she seemed to enjoy shaming me – and really turning it up. wonderful

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