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Mistress Interview with Ms. Ryan

This week we bring you the one and only Mistress Ryan, who Ms Constance has met and enjoyed on a few occasions. Her Mistress Interview was a blast!

Find out all the sexy, and even the not so sexy, things Ms. Ryan has to share. such as what if any sex toy she likes . . . → Read More: Mistress Interview with Ms. Ryan

Ms Melanie’s Many Voices

Extra! Extra! I have some big news for you – I have updated my audios page with the best of five years’ worth of audios custom-made for you naughty callers!

Fetish Sections

That’s right, I’ve organized all my audios into sections. CFNM, cuckold, humiliation, teasing, giantess, and sissy are separated for your convenience. I . . . → Read More: Ms Melanie’s Many Voices

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Let Mistress Scarlet warm you up during this crazy polar vortex! She’s dreaming of being naked inside a full length, mink coat!  Listen in or read this new, hot blog post!                                                 . . . → Read More: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Thanksgiving Audio Fun!

Feast your ears on this Thanksgiving fun!

Mistress Sloane’s Gift To YOU!

Sometimes my creative muse has a real sense of humor, choosing to lambaste me at the strangest times and places. Case in point, this particular idea bit me on the….hit me today, while waiting to get my flu shot. Maybe the whole I don’t wanna do this and my brain’s uncanny way of out . . . → Read More: Mistress Sloane’s Gift To YOU!

Would you like a sexy audio from Ms Sonali to keep you warm this holiday?

It’s that time of year, Jingle Bells and Sleighbells ringing and all that jazz and I’ve got a special surprise for you!

Last week I had a special caller request that I create a custom adult audio just for him, and it was so much fun to do! He sent me a script that . . . → Read More: Would you like a sexy audio from Ms Sonali to keep you warm this holiday?

Down and Dirty Investigations

What do you get when you take the delectable vocals of one intelligent phonesex Mistress and the sensational thematic writing talents of one of our very own kinksters? It’s a star-crossed collaboration that results in 100% pure entertainment. Down and Dirty Investigations is the newest audio series inspired by classic film noir where . . . → Read More: Down and Dirty Investigations

Oh What A Night

I suppose it would be hot if I had some really juicy story to tell you about last night and some hot guy I’ve been dating but… unfortunately it wasn’t that exciting. My night was however, very productive. First, I had a super long, four hour, phone sex call followed by a few others . . . → Read More: Oh What A Night

Erotic Audios by Ms Scarlet: “Men Need Chastity”

. . . → Read More: Erotic Audios by Ms Scarlet: “Men Need Chastity”