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Could You Be a Cuckold?

If you are a man who enjoys the idea of his wife or girlfriend being pleasured sexually by another man, a superior man, then you may be interested in cuckolding.  There are many different types of cuckolds and many different fantasy styles.  LDW has a variety of Mistresses to guide you on your cuckold . . . → Read More: Could You Be a Cuckold?

Ms Scarlet’s definition of a cream pie

Ms. Scarlet knows you’ve been craving a hot cream pie! Your hot wife has been out with a real man. Cross your fingers that she’ll bring home a nice surprise for you!

. . . → Read More Here:

Cuckolds and the Art of the Creampie

If you’re a cuckold, or you’re thinking of trying it for the first time, you should know that you can be greatly rewarded with a very delicious and decadent treat. And while seeing your wife in the heart of a passionate tryst with her favorite lover is luscious in itself, the treat that I’m . . . → Read More: Cuckolds and the Art of the Creampie

Creampies and Cuckolds

Ms Heather of writes about Cuckolds and Creampies in this essay:

“If you mention the words ‘cream pie’ to most people, the image that comes up in their minds will be something sweet and creamy, a delicious dessert; banana cream pie, lemon cream pie, chocolate cream pie. But to those who enjoy . . . → Read More: Creampies and Cuckolds