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Are You A Macrophiliac?

Macrophilic Fantasies, or Giantess Fantasies, are those fantasies involving female giants.  Typically the fantasy revolves around a giant being dominating a smaller being.  Giantess Fantasies vary greatly and may also be known as a Shrinking Fantasy.  Rather than the woman becoming giant, the other being becomes smaller in size.  If you are a macrophiliac, . . . → Read More: Are You A Macrophiliac?

Ms Lauren’s Tale of Complete Cock Control

*Ding Dong!*

I know what you’re thinking when you answer the door… the expression on your face, your body language and your confusion? Those unconscious cues tell me more than your mouth would. You’re thinking, “Who is this sultry goddess at my door? I don’t know what she wants, but I know what I want, those . . . → Read More: Ms Lauren’s Tale of Complete Cock Control

Bend Over: It’s Time For Your Punishment!

As a lifestyle domme; I have many favorite fetishes. Some of the more aggresive, hands on types of play sessions I enjoy involve punishment of some sort. Say my submissive has done something against my wishes or without my permission; then he will need to be disciplined as a reminder of why he shouldn’t . . . → Read More: Bend Over: It’s Time For Your Punishment!

Call Me you WIMPS

Usually I am not blatant and up in your face with my blog titles but I felt this one was appropriate given the subject that I wanted to talk about tonight. Lately I have been enjoying a much greater influx of phone sex calls from new to me callers.  I am extremely grateful for . . . → Read More: Call Me you WIMPS

Female Superiority: Are Women “Better” than Men?

Quite often, I’m asked by visitors of our websites if I think women are “better” than men. Female Superiority is something that interests and intrigues many who are into femdom, or women in control.

I Don’t Think Women are “Superior”

And you know what? I don’t think women are “better”. This . . . → Read More: Female Superiority: Are Women “Better” than Men?