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What is CBT?

CBT is an acronym for cock and ball torture, the sexual practice of intentionally inflicting physical discomfort or the threat of inflicting physical discomfort to the male genitals. Cock and ball torture, a common component of BDSM, can range from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful. Torture is a very strong word and perhaps not . . . → Read More: What is CBT?

Extreme Cockteasing – Can You Handle It?

Extreme Cock Tease: Can You Handle It?

I see you there, smirking, thinking that you love to be teased and would easily be able to handle an extreme cock tease session. In fact, it seems like something that isn’t even a challenge for you. But that is only because you have no idea what . . . → Read More: Extreme Cockteasing – Can You Handle It?