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Is a Chastity Device on Your Christmas List?

What is it that drives a man to surrender control of his cock over to a woman?  Why would any man willingly lock up his cock, denying himself sexual release?  These may be a couple of the questions a person asks when considering male chastity.  Many different reasons exist as to why a man . . . → Read More: Is a Chastity Device on Your Christmas List?

Ms. Alexandria’s Stroking Monopoly

Holiday Get Togethers

It’s the holidays and I’m sure you get together with your family.  When I was young and we all got together, after all the food, we’d play board games.  And you know what the absolute worst was?  Monopoly!  It lasts forever, and by the time you’re done everyone hates everyone . . . → Read More: Ms. Alexandria’s Stroking Monopoly

Ms. Alexandria Has A Surprise For You

May 9th Is My Featured Mistress Day

That’s right.  On Thursday, May 9th I will be where I belong – on a pedestal for all my pets to worship me!  And since it’s my special day, it’s a special day for all of you as well.  If you have called LDW in the past, . . . → Read More: Ms. Alexandria Has A Surprise For You

Come Play With The Queen Of Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Mistress Alexandria wants  *All *of your *Love*! She is not waiting until Valentine’s Day to play sexy phone sex games with you. She wants you *NOW*, and has a *Valentine’s  Day Special* that is sure to make you surrender your heart to her.

Do you love sexy . . . → Read More: Come Play With The Queen Of Your Heart

Ms. Alexandria Loves the Holidays

The Holidays Are Here!

Oh, Ms. Alexandria loves the holidays!  Did you read my special Thanksgiving post, and how I stuff a turkey?  Oh, that turkey was nice and juicy, very moist after my special preparation!  Even before Thanksgiving, I was having lots of kinky, sexy fun.  The Cuckold Contest?  So much fun to watch two Bulls . . . → Read More: Ms. Alexandria Loves the Holidays

Your Naughty Nurse Alexandria

Do you like medical fetish role play? Would you like to be humiliated, examined and probed by the Sexy and Seductive Nurse Alexandria?

Here is one account of a routine examination with Nurse Alexandria and Doctor Domme and their precious patient known as “Mr Bookie Wookie.”

Would you like to experience your own doctor/nurse/patient relationship complete . . . → Read More: Your Naughty Nurse Alexandria

Ms Claire Interviews Ms Alexandria

Lusting after Ms Alexandria

As you may remember, I’ve been lusting after a couple of my esteemed colleagues for awhile. After I’d played a mental game of tease and denial with them for a long enough time span, it was time to get out my Latex Roving Reporter hat, and see what juicy little . . . → Read More: Ms Claire Interviews Ms Alexandria

Hello Erotic Story Lovers!

So I have some exciting news! I’ve recently started writing a novel of sorts and  I have decided to publish it over on my Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex Blog.   It’s a story of seduction, fantasy, masturbation, cock control, coerced strap on play,  chastity,  ruined orgasms, and  so much more. It’s about the perfect relationship.  How . . . → Read More: Hello Erotic Story Lovers!

Show Ms Alexandria your panties

Been fantasizing have you? About what would happen if you were ever stopped by the TSA agents at the airport with those pretty pink panties on?

All the fellow travelers think you are just an average guy but apparently you aren’t. I think that’s a pair of pink panties I see peeking out of . . . → Read More: Show Ms Alexandria your panties

Who ARE the Girls of Hair and Heels?

You may have seen our blog posts, we have one of the most popular groups to-date on Enchantrix Empire, we have the longest multi-mistress talk show to-date and you may have come to our shows that are recorded Live every Thursday at 8pm Eastern on Talkshoe.

But WHO ARE the girls of hair and . . . → Read More: Who ARE the Girls of Hair and Heels?