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Cock Control Summer Fun With Ms Christine

So, my precious pets, slutty sissies and submissive cum eaters, have you been having as much cock control fun this summer as I have?  I hope so, because I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and with all of you!

Cock Control and Summertime go hand in hand!

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Ms. Alexandria’s Sinful Saturday

Wacky Wednesday Weenus Wackers Comes to an End

For the last year, your sexy Phone Sex FemDom has been publishing funny wacky tidbits about sex on Phone Sex Masturbation. Well, it’s time to finish up Wacky Wednesday Weenus Wackers. So, Wednesday, December 25 will mark the last one. At least for a while. But . . . → Read More: Ms. Alexandria’s Sinful Saturday

Ms Christine is Calling All Bi Bois

Calling all Bi-Bois

Curious About Bi?

I have taken over the Straight Men Sucking Cock blog from the talented – but oh so very busy – Ms. Hunter. It’s not just about sucking cock though. as I’ll focus on cocksucking, bi play and cum eating.

Over at Mistress Phone Sex

Just because I’ll be . . . → Read More: Ms Christine is Calling All Bi Bois

Ms. Alexandria Loves the Holidays

The Holidays Are Here!

Oh, Ms. Alexandria loves the holidays!  Did you read my special Thanksgiving post, and how I stuff a turkey?  Oh, that turkey was nice and juicy, very moist after my special preparation!  Even before Thanksgiving, I was having lots of kinky, sexy fun.  The Cuckold Contest?  So much fun to watch two Bulls . . . → Read More: Ms. Alexandria Loves the Holidays

Hello Erotic Story Lovers!

So I have some exciting news! I’ve recently started writing a novel of sorts and  I have decided to publish it over on my Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex Blog.   It’s a story of seduction, fantasy, masturbation, cock control, coerced strap on play,  chastity,  ruined orgasms, and  so much more. It’s about the perfect relationship.  How . . . → Read More: Hello Erotic Story Lovers!

An Orgasm Denial and Cock Control Interview with Ms Laney

Ms Laney Talks About All Things Cock Control


Ms Ally: Hello Ms Laney! Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your experience with Orgasm Denial and cockteasing. First, which do you like more – the teasing? Or the denial? Empress Laney: Ooooh the TEASING for sure!! I love to . . . → Read More: An Orgasm Denial and Cock Control Interview with Ms Laney