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Pass the Penis!


Pass the Penis! It’s a fun and sexy way to enjoy the amazing erotic talents of lots of different Mistresses of LDW. We do like to share our cocks and we want to play with yours! Can you handle being teased by multiple Mistresses; ten minutes at a time?

For the month of August, we will be offering Special Discounted Packages on the Pass the Penis experience:

3 Mistresses (30 minutes total): $70 ($12.50 discount)

4 Mistresses (40 minutes total): $90 ($20 discount)

5 Mistresses (50 minutes total): $100 ($37.50 discount)

Here’s how it works: You call in to 800-356-6169, and either tell the dispatcher which Mistresses you want to talk with, or you can ask her to choose 3, 4 or 5 sexy ladies for you. You’ll speak with each Mistress you’ve selected one at a time; each conversation will be 10 minutes long.

You’ll be connected with your first Pass the Penis Mistress; who will tease and play with you for ten minutes. Then, you’ll be sent back automatically to the dispatcher who will send you on to a completely new Mistress who will continue the teasing for 10 more minutes! We will repeat this masturbation routine for as many ‘rounds’ as you’ve selected. You’ll be our playtoy; passed from one Mistress to the next for as long as you can last! (Note: If you reach the end of your package and you still need more, don’t worry – just ask the dispatcher and she’ll arrange that for you!)

(Your specially priced Pass the Penis package must be used during one session and can’t be saved for later.)



21 comments to Pass the Penis!

  • muddstuffin

    I had an amazing time doing this last week with Ms Piper, Ms Ryan and Ms Amber!

  • What a grand time I just had, passing wilma the road trip slut to s few of my Mistress Friends. My instructions were for wilma to describe his `ho ensemble and to offer himself up for suffering – because his Mistress adores suffering. By the time he was sent back to me, the Mistresses Sophia and Hunter had turned him into a twitching, begging big ole blob of suffering. Thank you Ladies!

    To read about our naughty adventures
    wilma the road trip slut
    in the search box on Fem Domain

  • Mistress Kaylee yes Goddess Kaylee I would take very good care of for you and the rest of the LDW Mistresses as I do make one very good Sissy Faggot Fluffer Bitch & Clean Up Slut having been very well trained by Mistress Christine to Serve & Service one & all!~Sissy Winks!~ 😉

  • I LOVE playing pass the penis! There is nothing like getting ahold of a hard cock that has already been teased and denied by several other Mistresses – only to be next in line to tease and deny it all over again! Hehehehe! Love it 😉

  • Oh I have quite a few…I have to say that this is such a delight. Getting to use a guy and toss him away to the next lovely Mistress. Hahaha!!! Too much fun!!!

  • I am looking forward to pass the penis with all those brave men that can handle all the teasing from all the beautiful Mistress’s here. Come on guys step on up and share your penis with us we promise you’ll survive the pleasure:)~

  • My favorite saying is “Everybody plays, everybody wins!” It looks like the fabulous Mistresses here are about to put that into practice! So put your penis where your mouth is…I mean…put your $ where your mouth is and plan on getting passed all around like the cock that you are! woo hoo! This is gonna be big fun. Or even teenie weenie fun!

  • I LOVE Pass the Penis! I am SO excited for this!!!

    Who will be brave enough to take on multiple Mistresses for a wild session? What is your kink you want to spread around?

  • Be really Hot for me to be all dressed up in my Lingerie,Makeup & Long Brown Haired Wig and be passed around to 3,4, or even 5 Mistress all wearing a BIG Strap-on and Play Pass the Little Sissy Faggot Party!~Sissy Winks!~ 😉

    I know you all would have such fun using your BIG Strap-on to take me on a 30 to 50 minute Ride All The Way To Pound Town!~Sissy Winks!~ 😉

  • Absolutely loving this! Pass the penis is so naughty and fun. From one HOT Mistress to another, teasing like mad. Yes! What an amazing head Mistress we have , and what a delicious opportunity the guys have to explore the magical wonders that are the LDW ladies. Enjoy this one to the fullest guys and sissies 🙂

  • I am super excited about pass the penis and I can’t wait to play! PTP reminds me of my favorite games, it’s like musical chairs, handball, or duck duck goose for penises. With five mistresses passing around your cock (or possibly even more?) there’s no telling what kind of naughty antics the ladies of LDW could get up to, with your cock as our play toy.

  • I cannot wait for the epic pass the weiner games we’re going to get up to! Fair warning, you guys should not pair Delia and I together unless you want to cry. Just saying. Or Simone and I. Or Tabetha, Scarlet, Constance, Catherine…

    Ok, scratch that, you should totally pair me up with everyone, and I’ll only make you cry in lust a *little* bit, honest. 😉

    This is going to be FUN!!!

    • Franki Vallie and the Four Seasons

      Little sissies don’t cum
      Little sissies don’t cum

      Little sissies don’t cu-uh-um (they don’t cum)
      Little sissies don’t cum (who said they don’t cum?)
      My mistress said Deny-yi-ied (my oh my)

    • Maxie

      Oh, Mistress Harper, that is a promise I hope you will keep! I’ve had Mistress Delia on a PTP call before and she was amazing – first time I’d talked to her – but I’ve never had the chance to speak to you. Now, I will have to include you and her (or just about anyone else, it seems). How exciting!

  • Oh this looks like a lot of fun!

  • Ms cooper

    I love this game it is so much fun to tease a guy for 10 minutes and then pass him on to another sexy Mistress to continue the tease. This is a great promo and I know that everyone will have a great time

  • I so agree Scarlet! This is going to be a really fun and exciting opportunity for are amazing callers. I can only imagine the cocks that started to twitch when reading this post. Thank you Miss Alley, I am so happy for all the peens we get to pass.

  • Oh I can’t wait to see who steps up to play! I love passing penises around to the other beautiful ladies of the Enchantrix Empire!

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