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The Fiery, Red Hot Amber/Rita Combo!

Sexy Interview Teaser

So, as you all may have gathered, Mistress Rita makes my nipples hard. The moment that I saw her, I just wanted to touch her. Thankfully, we became fast friends, and have gotten pretty dirty together. Mission accomplished!

I know that many of you would love to be a fly . . . → Read More: The Fiery, Red Hot Amber/Rita Combo!

Sonali’s Sexy Daydream

My mood changes day to day and sometimes I’m down right down and dirty, sometimes I can be wicked and mean. If you know how to please me, you will have me purring like a cute kitty! As a sensual mistress, I can easily get carried away day dreaming about just how much I . . . → Read More: Sonali’s Sexy Daydream