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MS DELIA'S Tips for Masturbation Anal Play - 800-356-6169

Mistress Delia's Tips for How to Work Anal Training Into Your Masturbation

I love anal play, and have quite the collection of anal toys, prostate massagers, and strap-ons! I love breaking in a man, and think every man should experience the pleasures of anal play often. It is important to know that you can't just go right from wanting the actual experience anal play or a strap-on to immediately riding a large dildo. There are steps you must take in between, and these steps are very pleasurable, especially when added to masturbation.

Get To Know Your Ass!

The first thing you need to learn about is anatomy. I could get very technical with you and discuss striated verses circular muscles, but I will be happy just to tell you that you have two sphincter muscles to break through with any anal toys. The outer sphincter muscle you can control. Go ahead squeeze it now. I bet it feels good. The inner sphincter muscle is an involuntary muscle and is not one you can control! If it spasms while you try anal play, it can hurt, and you will have to wait about 30 seconds until the spasm passes. Another quick tip to getting past the inner sphincter is to gently bear down. This causes it to relax.

(Just starting out? Check out the Anal Training Kit.)

Lube for Anal Play

One of the most important parts of anal play for your enjoyment is using a great lube! Lube can make or break your anal play experience. There are several kinds:

Water based: these are good as a lubricant because they are inexpensive. However because they are water based they absorb into the skin, and dry out faster, so you end up using more.

Silicone lube: These lubes do not absorb into the body so they stay slick longer. However, it is important to ask about the lube and check the packaging. Some silicone lubes do not workwell with latex condoms. All my toys wear condoms, so be careful for that! Also, since we are talking about anal sex toys, note that silicone toys can not be used with a silicone lube as the lube will bond with and dissolve/warp the toy! I learned this the hard way! Read and ask questions. I did and found a great silicone lube.

Anal lubes: These are specific for anal sex or anal play. They have a numbing agent added, usually benzocaine. Be careful for allergies. If allergic to benzocaine do not use! Also note that while these lubes numb to make penetration more comfortable, when numb, an injury could happen accidentally.

So, here is the scoop on lube. I use all three of the above when I have fun with anal play! I like to use lube shooters to get a nice amount of silicone lube inside, I add a condom to a toy and slather it up with water based lube. I use a little bit of anal lube for comfort, and then go to town. This has taken some practice and a bit of trial and error, but the feelings are oh so very worth it.

Anal Masturbation Toys

Anal toys are a great way to begin pleasurable anal training. Toys can be small and graduated in size. I have a set of graduated pink beads that are so hot to play with! They feel amazing, and when pulled out at the right time really intensify an orgasm.

Butt plug kit is an essential tool to help you graduate from fun toys to a serious strap-on. I always suggest a butt plug kit to all of my slutty playthings! When looking for a good training kit, find one that has a small, medium and large plug. Small can be fun for wearing anytime. During masturbation the medium can provide amazing fullness great feeling pressure. To get you ready for a dildo or a strap-on, a large is great for stretching. Go slowly and carefully!

Prostate Massage

Prostate Massagers are amazing to use when masturbating because of the increased sensation and intensity they give! While the Aneros is a popular one, I have found one called the Rude Boy that is so hot! It is curved, and designed to stimulate the prostate and the perineum. By rocking on it, you can have a hands-free orgasm with practice! I was so excited when I saw my playthings having such success with this toy, that I looked and found a G-spot toy, the Rock Chick by the same company.

I love these toys. Note they are silicone, so use water based lubes if you play with them.

Anal Masturbation and Dildos

Dildos are so very useful if you have no one to use a strap-on with you. There are many types, and I do have my favorites! What I love most is any dildo that is realistically shaped, and that feels real. Many dildos have a new type of comfortable "real skin" type of material that actually makes them feel close to the real thing! I like to use these realistic dildos as strap-ons. I suggest trying a real skin dildo. It will make your masturbation session so hot.

It is important to practice and create a masturbation schedule to include anal play. I adore setting up masturbation schedules for hot strokers who want to add extra intensity to their stroking fun! This is crucial to continued anal enjoyment! Good practice will have you ready when your Mistress expects you to be ready to take her strap-on. You'll be so glad you practiced so you can please her.

Enjoy your anal play.

Anal Training and Masturbation - by Ms Ivy of Cock Control

You know you've heard of girls having multiple orgasms and being able to cum over and over again. And I'm sure (although very few of you) some of you have even been witness or participated with them while they were climaxing again and again. You want that feeling don't you?

There's More to Masturbation than Just "The Cock"

You should realize that rubbing your cock up and down just simply won't give you that crazy intense orgasm that you are seeking. In fact your g-spot is hidden in the hole that is considered forbidden for most men.

Let's enter the forbidden zone. During your special cock stroking time work a bit of anal training in with it. You will love the feeling - and not to mention anal training will aid you in receiving our huge strap-ons later on.

There are a few tricks that will aid you in working that man-pussy while you stroke your cock. The first:

Use Your Hand and Fingers

Any of your fingers can be used really while your working that cock with one hand, lather up the other with your spit, some lotion or other lubricant that is suitable for insertion (note that not all lubricants are ok to be used inside the body, so as caution read the label). You want your finger nice and lubed so I can work easily inside.

Just slip your finger inside and wiggle it around. Once your past the intial shock, you will start thinking to yourself how much you FUCKING LOVE this feeling. Mix it up, use your pointer finger, then your middle, or your thumb - you have your pick! And then when you've worked it a little, add two fingers. Just like real men would finger a girl, your fingering your man pussy. Wiggle your fingers spread them out.

And do this while you stroke.

Use The "Talon"

The second way to work your ass while stroking is the use of a toy.

There are many toys but for beginners, I suggest the Talon.

It is a silicon toy that is in the shape of a talon (hence the name). has a nice little piece you can hold on to for leverage, has some rivets in it for maximum pleasure and the handle allows for easy insertion.

So while your masturbating, lube it up (if you wish) and slip it in. push it in and pull it out, work your man pussy.

Trust me, you will need lots and lots of anal training if you wanna take our strap-ons like the bitch you are.

Get to it!

Anal Training and Masturbation - by Ms Scarlet

How to Work Anal Training into your Masturbation

As if having a masturbation session wasn't enough! Let's talk about how you can enhance the experience even more! Let's explore YOUR backdoor.

Before we begin exploring, let's discover why exploring can be fun. I'm of the 'if it feels good - do it!' variety so if you read this or if you try this, keep in mind that I wouldn't instruct you in how to do something that won't gain you anything! Exploring your ass can really be a rewarding and pleasurable experience. I promise.

Safe Anal Play

I'm also all about safety so, if you are going to play with your anus, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly first and consider trimming and cleaning your fingernails as well. I'll talk more about toy safety in a bit.

Firstly, the anus has many, many nerve endings. Both at the entrance to the anus as well as the inside of the anus. As you begin your self-play by stroking your cock or touching your balls; try to include the 'taint' area (the space between your testicles and your anus). Use your fingers to rub and press here. If you rub upwards directly under your balls, you can feel the 'root' of your cock! It's true! No matter what you're external size, there are always a few more inches on the inside.So, rub away.

Fingering - It's Not Just for Girls

Now, take your fingers and you can 'rim' your anus. You don't have to put your finger(s) inside just yet, just close your eyes and relax while you explore. Press around the edges, lightly touch yourself there. Doesn't that feel good? The more aroused you become; the easier it will be to explore the inside as well. There's no hurry! You can really make this last. Today maybe you explore your penis root. Tomorrow you can do the rimming. And the next day, inserting a clean finger. The next, a toy.

Toys and Anal Play

You may find that lying on your back with your legs up in the air makes anal access easy. Or, sit in a chair and tilt your hips forward. If you're ready to try inserting a finger, you'll want to make sure to have some good lubricant. You can never have too much lube! Why would you want to insert a finger? Well, it's the easiest toy to get to! So, lube up your finger and insert it very slowly. Relax. Breath. This first ring of muscles is right at your anal entrance and these are muscles that you can actually control. So, relax and breath and let your finger slide in. Now you'll come to another ring of muscles, this ring you cannot control. Just relax and in a little bit you will be able to insert more of your finger. Explore yourself. Press around. If you press upwards you may feel a different type of skin inside. It may feel rough, like a peach pit, or softer, like a squishy ball. This is your prostate! The prostate creates your semen. When you press on this, it can be extremely arousing. Once you've found this hot spot (your prostate is also known as your p-spot), you have hit pay dirt! Congratulations!

Some Rules for Assplay

Now you're ready to add this anal play to your self masturbation. You can continue using your finger(s) or you can add a toy of some sort. Here are some toy rules - do not disregard this part as it's of utmost importance - any toy that you use needs to be extremely clean. Consider boiling a toy if you're not certain. I always recommend hard plastic toys, glass toys, ceramic, steel, or if you like a softer material I highly recommend silicone because it can be boiled. So, a clean toy is first. Next, you want to make sure the toy has a flanged base (a wide base). Your anus is like a vaccuum and you will need to make sure that the toy is much wider than your anal opening. Otherwise, well, let's not talk about that. Just get a nice wide based toy and make sure it's clean. For safety, you can even put a condom over the entire toy, tying it off at the bottom so it can't slide off. Don't forget your lube.

If you're having some self play with a toy or your fingers, concentrate on stroking your penis while also stroking your anus and p-spot. You can create a back and forth motion or stroke simultaneously. Build that erection and enjoy the intense feelings you are creating! As you get closer to your orgasm, press harder on your prostate. As you reach the point of no return, remove your finger(s) or toy and your erection will be even stronger than ever!

Next time, try just stimulating your prostate and not stroking your penis. See what happens. Play around. Take your time. Enjoy yourself!

For assplay and Cock Control by phone, 800-356-6169, or click "All Mistresses" above for other orgasm denial game playmates

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