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The Role of Orgasm Denial in BDSM

BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. Orgasm Denial Training is one way to assure the male submissive partner will relinquish all power to the Dominant Mistress. Bondage is not just about whips and chains. It is about power, fulfilling fantasies, discipline, and so much more. Domination begins with the emotional and mental aspects first before anything else. Orgasm denial training is one sure way of putting the sub into a true sub space. Losing absolute control becomes a reality when one does know when release will be allowed.

BDSM and Orgasm Denial: The Bonds are Not Just Physical

There is a very strong bond that can be formed between the Mistress and submissive partner. A Bondage relationship steps out side of the box because it reaches deep inside the darkest part of our minds and hearts desires. When we explore this world of dark desires it releases emotions most did not even know they were capable of.

Orgasm Denial: The Constant Tease

Orgasm denial training begins with erotic stimulus and constant teasing. Bringing the male sub close to orgasm then not allowing him to release. There are multiple purposes for this type of training. It is about the Femdom using her sexual power over the male sub. This practice in which BDSM is very addictive for both the Mistress and the sub. How so? It is about power and control. Control the orgasm and then one can control the man. When an orgasm is denied continuously without knowledge of when that release will be then the sub will soon be willing do just about anything to please his Mistress. It can literally break any sub and turn him into a true slave.

There are different forms of teasing. One can be by the Mistress teasing her slave's cock with different items. Ice, heat, cock rings, or tickling. Mixing up the sensations can intensify the teasing process.

Bondage and discipline may involve tying up the male partner to give him an even more feeling of helplessness. Teasing the male sub may also involve other things besides toys and feathers. There is oral stimulation and/or the Mistress may stroke her sub's cock to the point of orgasm over and over without the allowance of release.

BDSM, Orgasm Denial and Communication

When the orgasm is allowed is up to the Dominant partner. How ever, it is up to the sub to be open and honest about his desires. Then the Mistress once given the control knowing how to push the sub's buttons will let the training begin. In BDSM the use of a safe word is often used. Some Mistresses will allow a sub to be able to use that safe word for an emergency orgasm. Choose wisely though as a sub and do not misuse this safe word. You may find yourself without one in the future if you do so.

Extreme Orgasm Denial can be used in the art of Cuckolding. The Mistress will teach the sub his place. While he is denied an orgasm for what ever inadequacies he may have that put him there in the first place will then be made to pleasure his Mistress. Cuckolding means a man who can not please his wife or girl friend so she must go else where. Denial is a great way to train a sub into a true cuckold husband or just a sub if not married.

Orgasm Denial and Sexual Intercourse

Denial training is used to train the male sub how to please his Mistress better. Some Mistresses may choose to use their sub as a literal sex toy. She will have intercourse with her sub but still deny him an orgasm. This is probably one of the most intense because intercourse and close contact are allowed with the Femdom which adds to the sexual frustration. By keeping the male sub constantly horny and ready to please his Mistress. To teach him that his only purpose is to give pleasure and not receive unless allowed.

Enjoy and explore the realm of Orgasm Denial Training to make your BDSM experience more pleasurable for both the Mistress as well as yourself as the sub. Most men love the tease and denial just because it makes the orgasm more intense. Remember that this training is not for that. Denial is about the sub learning how to better please his Mistress. As stated before, it is about power and control.