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A Beginner's Guide to Chastity Devices and Chastity Training

by Ms. Heather of CockControl.com

orgasm denial and chastity training

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Chastity and Orgasm Denial For the Beginner

Are you thinking about locking your cock up in a chastity device? Or are you planning to take a cock and put it under your control? Not sure where to start? Let us help you with the basics of chastity and chastity devices.

There are many reasons that both men and women decide to put themselves under chastity, or allow someone else that control over their sexual life (or lack thereof!). Some do it for self-discipline, some do it as a form of punishment, others do it to make their orgasms even more intense, having waited extended periods of time in order to have that release. Whatever your reason or desire is, there is a chastity device out there that is perfect for you. The key is in determining exactly what your purpose is in experimenting with chastity, and for what length of time you intend to practice it.

Chastity Belts

The chastity belt has been around since at least the 1400's, and in essence it's purpose really hasn't changed much since. Throughout the centuries, chastity belts have been used for sexual preservation, to prevent masturbation (which has often been considered a sin by religious sects), to prevent fornication and adultery. The most noticeable changes have been in materials and design for comfort. Today's chastity belts are made with materials that offer more comfort, and are designed for long-term wear. There are choices of chastity belts for both male and female, and both offer a means of keeping the genitals from being stimulated or achieving *normal* orgasm, and both are able to be used for the practice of abstinence.

Chastity belts are still one of the only choices for women who wish to remain chaste, but for men there are many other devices that don't involve wearing an actual 'belt'. These are often preferred over the belts simply for ease of use and wearing under everyday clothing.

Chastity Devices

For men, there are many other devices nowadays besides chastity belts. Which one you choose depends greatly upon your intent and reason for using it. There are devices for long-term chastity, short-term chastity, or simply for greater enjoyment during sexual activity.

Long-term chastity device use: Any chastity device you decide to use is going to take a little bit of getting used to. But, with a little patience and adjustment, you can find that you hardly notice your chastity device on at all, and after a while it will become like a second skin. If you plan on keeping a chastity device in use for a long period of time... perhaps weeks, months, or even years, then you might want to consider using a chastity cage or a chastity tube. Both of these are similar in design, but the chastity tube is much more effective in that it completely prohibits any stimulation of the cock at all, except for the balls. It completely covers the shaft and head of the cock, whereas the chastity cage has spaces between the bars of the cage that can still be used to stimulate the cock.

One of the most popular chastity devices is the CB 3000.

Chastity Devices and Personal Hygiene

While some may worry about the ability to keep clean using a chastity tube or cage, both the chastity tube and the chastity cage are easy to clean and are comfortable for long-term use, however they both often require the wearer to sit down to use the bathroom. This can be an inconvenience for some, but for others it is an added benefit in that it imparts a degree of humiliation to the wearer. Both the chastity tube and the chastity cage can be worn very easily and discretely underneath clothing, which is a definite plus. There are chastity belts that can also be worn for long-term use, but many are not considered to be as comfortable or discrete as the chastity tubes or chastity cages are.

Short-term chastity device use: If you are mainly wanting to play with chastity use for some added excitement in the bedroom, then perhaps a chastity ring or chastity belt is more your style. The chastity ring is good for bedroom play because it restricts blood flow to the cock, but doesn't really restrict stimulation to the cock, therefore it actually enhances the sexual experience during play by somewhat enlarging the cock and making it more sensitive. There are also chastity tubes that are good for short-term use because they do not contain any holes in them for air or urine to pass through, but completely cover the entire shaft and head of the cock, preventing any stimulation at all. Chastity belts can also be fun in the bedroom, and can be used in a teasing manner, causing higher sexual anticipation and desire in both the wearer and the teaser!

Who Keeps The Key? Chastity Keyholders

Another consideration if you are using the device for an extended period of time, is, who keeps the key to the lock on your chastity device? If you are putting yourself under the control of someone else who will have access to your key, it is always best to have a spare one somewhere so that you can get to it in case of emergency. Or, in some extreme chastity relationships, the only key is with the Key holder, and this gives an added sense of excitement to the wearer, knowing that they are under the complete control of the Key holder at all times. It can be both exciting and terrifying to know that someone else has control over your sexual pleasure (or lack thereof!). But in any case, the Key holder must be someone who is trusted implicitly and without doubt, because even though it 'is' possible for these devices to be removed without the key, it is not easy, and is sometimes downright painful! If you are keeping your own key and practicing chastity for self-control and self-denial, then it helps to make the key hard to access... perhaps freezing it in the middle of a gallon jug of water, or putting it in a safe-deposit box that can only be accessed during banking hours, or something similar.

Chastity can be a mind opening experience and a good way to practice self control and self-discipline. Choosing the right chastity device for you can take time and patience, but it is well worth the effort!

Written by Mistress Heather 1-800-356-6169

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