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Chastity Training with Orgasm Denial

Chastity vs. Celebicy by Ms. Hannah of CockControl.com

Chastity, lock that cock up and throw away the key. Just teasing! Chastity to me is about control and power. The man obviously wants to hand complete control of his ejaculations over to a woman.

While wearing a chastity device, there is a constant reminder of that control every time he feels or looks at it. I believe there is a much more intense orgasm when allowed to finally get out of the device - more pleasurable. Control the cock and you control the man.

Celibacy to me is more of a religious decision to abstain from sexual intercourse. Certain religions emphasize you must be celibate until marriage or you are a sinner. Again this is/was a way to control the masses. To scare people into thinking they were going to hell because of sinning.

If you look at polytheism versus monotheism, people were much more open sexually. Orgies, homosexuality, etc. these things were all known and accepted. But when somebody wanted to start controlling, all of a sudden sexuality was bad.