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Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial: When You Need a Bit of Extra Help

by Ms. Heather of CockControl.com

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Improving Your Sex Life with Chastity Training

You've finally decided that your sex life needs a boost, and you want to sustain an erection longer than 2 minutes? Good for you! The first step in improving your sex life is to admit that you have a problem. It's no secret that most men can't hold out long enough for women to get their enjoyment during sexual encounters unless they have learned to retain control over that most unruly of body parts... the cock. While it does sometimes seem that cocks have a mind of their own (and let's face it, even men admit that much of their brain is located between their legs), with some practice and discipline you can learn to control your sexual impulses and enjoy sustained arousal instead of quick release.

Deny my orgasm? Are you crazy? Why would I want to do that? Isn't orgasm the whole reason for living?

No, I'm not crazy, and yes, it is necessary in order to retrain your disobedient cock. And if you truly hold fast to the belief that an orgasm is the entire reason for your existence, then you may as well go on back to stroking that cock and get used to being married to Mary Palm and Her Five Sisters, because if you are only concerned about your own pleasure and your own orgasm, and not worried about your partners, then you'll be stuck having sex with your hand until you wise up. Since it is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, let me put this into words you can understand easier. Only being concerned with your orgasm is like chomping through the hard candy shell of a Tootsie roll pop in a hurry to get to the chewy chocolate center. Why rush to get to the destination when the journey there can be so sweet? Taking time to savor every lick that it takes to get to the center and enjoying the entire experience makes it so much more rewarding once you get there.

Ok, I don't want to be the Minute Man for the rest of my life, so now what?

Well, you make a commitment to work on getting that cock under control. One of the best ways to do this is to practice orgasm edging and orgasm denial. This involves stimulating your cock to the point of orgasm, and then stopping before you cross the line and actually release. Doing this over and over again not only increases the sensitivity of your cock and builds up your sexual tension, but also trains your cock to hold back from allowing orgasm to happen until you are ready for it. Now just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and if you have allowed your cock to run amok your entire life, you can't expect results overnight, so it may take some time to get things under control. And just like anything else that's worth working for, cock control is no different. For some, it may be easier than for others depending on your personal self- control. Much like quitting smoking, some may find it is easier to quit cold turkey, while others may get better results by taking baby steps and setting small goals for themselves. If you are a chronic masturbator and allow yourself to orgasm every day, try only allowing it every other day. Then make it once a week. Then once every two weeks. You get the idea... make small goals and work your way up, every bit counts when it comes to cock control. Once you master control over your sexual organ, you will find that it not only enhances your sex life, but also gives you a sense of power and confidence in other aspects of your every day life as well. You realize you do have control over yourself, in every way, and can accomplish anything you set your mind to. But if your self-control is lacking, you may find that you need a little help in getting through the hard part.

I'm trying to keep myself from playing with my cock, but can't seem to keep my hands off of it... help!

If you find you are having difficulty in keeping yourself on the program, you may be a prime candidate for a chastity device. Depending upon your lack of control, these devices can range from extremely serious equipment to just the bare basics of confinement. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some even have accessories for those really hard-to-train cocks. Chastity rings can inhibit an erection and make it more difficult to stroke your cock, thereby assisting you in refraining from masturbation. If you need more help than that, you can move up to chastity tubes or chastity cages, both of which cover the entire shaft, making achieving an orgasm through manual masturbation all but impossible (although your balls can still be stimulated). And if you still find yourself able to orgasm with your cock locked up, you can add on some extreme accessories such as Points of Intrigue... a nasty (yet fun) little addition to your cock cage or tube that involves small sharp pins that dig into your cock if you have an erection with the chastity device on... training your cock to learn that there is a punishment if it misbehaves.

For some, putting another person in charge of their cock is also helpful, and this is where a good Mistress can help you achieve your orgasm denial goals. She will take complete control over your cock and be the one to tell you when you can have an orgasm and when you have to wait. It also helps if you have a close enough relationship with them or trust them enough to give them the key to your chastity device... this way you cannot even stimulate the cock unless they say so. This type of orgasm denial can be much more fun than doing it on your own as well, because it involves placing yourself under the authority of a well-trained Mistress, and they know just how to train you, control you, and tease you so that you learn how to hold back that orgasm to make it last longer.

There can be many reasons why you may have decided to practice orgasm denial, but no matter what the reason is, one simple fact remains... having control over your sex organ means having more control over yourself in general... and that's always a good thing.

Written by Mistress Heather 1-800-356-6169

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