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Chastity Training Phone Sex with Experienced Femdom Chastity Mistresses

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Most likely, you've found this page searching for Chastity Phone Sex. Finding a talented and experienced Chastity Phone Sex Mistress can take a while, and it can be expensive to try out a lot of different Chastity Mistresses to find the one that is right for you.

At Cock Control, we try to make your search as fast and inexpensive as possible. We offer many unique features and guaranties to ensure that you don't spend a lot of money during your search for your perfect Chastity Mistress. These include:

Our Pre-Call Questionnaire. Fill this out, and within 24 hours (usually much faster) we will respond to you with a selection of Chastity Phone Sex Mistresses selected specifically to fit your preferences.

Free Chastity Training Audio Collection - Find the Voice that's right for You

Our Free Penis Chastity Training Phone Sex Audio Collection. How many times have you read through a Chastity Training Mistress' profile, enjoyed her photos, maybe exchanged a few emails, and then when you finally get on the phone, the voice is just not right for your Chastity Training session? If you take some time browsing through our free Chastity Training audios, you'll be able to find the perfect voice for your cockstroking session, before you call.

Let Us Help You Select the Perfect Chastity Training Mistress

Our 24/7 Concierge center is staffed with friendly and sexy Client Services reps, who would be happy to recommend a Chastity Mistress Phone Sex partner that best suits your needs and preferences.

Our Free Online Live Help Mistresses are available throughout the day and night to answer questions about our service, and to recommend the perfect Chastity Training Phone Sex guide for you.

Our Customer Promise guaranties that you will never pay for a Chastity Training phone sex session that you're not happy with. We understand that it can take a while to find the right fit. As soon as you know that the Mistress you're speaking with is not the right fit for you, politely end the all and we'll find someone else for you, and you won't be charged for the first call.

We Select the Best Chastity Phone Sex Mistresses For You

Our selection process: We work only with the most intelligent, sexiest and experienced Chastity Training Phone Sex Mistresses in the industry. Our selection process is very specific and involved. We spend hundreds of hours each year talking to prospective Chastity Training Phone Sex providers to select the best of the best. We spend all this time finding the best, so you don't have to!

Toll Free: 888-747-7991 - 2.75 per minute - billed to your credit card
1 hour block discounts available

Men In Chastity

If you're not yet convinced that Cock Control is the ultimate solution to your Chastity Training phone sex needs, feel free to Email the Owner, Ms Ally, to ask any questions you may have about using our Femdom Chastity Phone Sex service. We look forward to getting to know you - and your cock!