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Chastity Tubes - Chastity Cages - Chastity Rings? What's the Difference?

So you think you want to lock your cock up, do you? Or maybe you are a female who wants to lock up the cock of her lover or pet. Either way, the success of your experience with chastity devices depends greatly upon choosing the best device for your needs!

The first question you should ask when choosing a chastity device is, how committed am I to practicing chastity? Are you wanting a device for a few hours of fun during sexual play, or are you wanting a device that can be worn for long periods of time; days, weeks, months, or even years? Each type of device has it's benefits and it's drawbacks, and it is only by determining your purpose and commitment in using them that you can make a decision as to which is best.

Chastity Rings

Chastity rings are a great beginner chastity device, as they are easy to use and let the wearer experience the feeling of having something constricting their cock. They can be as simple as a single ring with lock wrapped around the base of the cock and balls, or they can be more elaborate with a series of rings constricting the base of the cock and balls, and stacked all the way up the shaft of the penis, connected with one lock. You can create your own chastity ring device by alternating steel, rubber or leather rings up the shaft of the penis and then attaching your own padlock (or padlocks), making it unique to you and your tastes.

Chastity rings allow the most access to the cock when it is locked up, and don't deter masturbation the way chastity cages and chastity tubes do. While they do tighten around and restrict the shaft when erect, they don't prevent the wearer from stimulating the cock by stroking or otherwise touching the cock. Chastity rings can be worn long term, and usually pose little to no problem with hygiene, comfort, or being noticeable while worn under clothing. They also are most likely to allow the wearer to urinate while standing up; a feature that chastity cages and tubes do not always offer. So if you're looking for something to enhance your bedroom fun, or to experiment with to see if chastity is something you want to pursue further, chastity rings may be the right tool for you.

Chastity Cages

Chastity cages are just what the name implies... a cage around a cock! These devices can be made of all different types of material, including plastic, polycarbonate, steel and leather. Much like the chastity rings, it is possible to somewhat touch or stimulate the cock while wearing these, depending on the size of the spaces in the bars of the cage, although true masturbation is usually not possible. The cage is placed around the entire cock, usually with a ring around the base of the cock and the balls, and is attached with a padlock. Because of the numerous spaces in the cage design itself, cleaning inside the cage and keeping the cock clean are usually not a problem at all.

These can be worn fairly discretely underneath clothing, however it is very difficult for the wearer to urinate while standing up if he is wearing a chastity cage. These devices are actually quite comfortable once the wearer gets used to them, and can be worn for long term use if desired. Chastity cages sometimes also come with an option for add-on's to help in controlling the cock; these are often sharp, pointed tines that dig into the cock when it begins to become erect, and inflicts discomfort or pain on the wearer, often adding to the chastity experience.

Chastity Tubes

Chastity tubes are very much similar to chastity cages, but much more effective, and often times much more discreet. While similar to the chastity cage in the way that the entire cock shaft is covered during use, the chastity tube is different in the fact that it completely covers the shaft, leaving no large holes that can be used to stimulate the cock. There are often holes placed strategically in the chastity tube that allow for urination and cleaning, as well as air flow, but these holes are not large enough to be able to fit a finger through or other object that could be used to stimulate the cock.

The newest chastity tubes are very discrete, and are comfortable enough for long term wear. Because of the complete coverage of the cock shaft, masturbation is virtually eliminated, making these the most effective of the three types discussed here. When choosing a chastity tube, be sure to think about if you plan on wearing it long term or short term, as some of the chastity tubes can be quite heavy depending up on the material used to make them. Steel chastity tubes are of course going to weigh more than one made of polycarbonate; and you will want to take that into consideration when deciding which one to purchase.

Becoming Chaste

With so many different types of chastity devices to choose from, there is always something for everyone, no matter how intense or how playful they want their chastity experience to be. There are as many reasons for practicing chastity as there are people who practice it. So whether you are a man who is wanting to lock up his own cock in order to practice having control over his erections, or a woman who has taken on a new pet and wants to exhibit her dominance over him by locking up his genitals, or if you are a couple who want to enhance your bedroom experiences, there is a chastity device that will fit your needs. And with a little research, trial and error, and patience, you just might find that it's the best thing you have ever experienced, and that it enhances your sex life rather than inhibits it.

While some may find that difficult to understand, it is very true. Many of those who have practiced and do practice chastity have reported that their sexual experiences are intensified after being chaste, or some even claim that remaining chaste for long periods of time brings a peace to their life that they never experienced before. So choose your device, lock that cock up, and enjoy!

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