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Here's Why We're The Best in Cock Control Phone Sex:

• Our 24/7 Concierge center is staffed with friendly and sexy Client Services reps, who would be happy to recommend a tease and denial Mistress that suits your needs and preferences.

• Our Free Online Live Help Mistresses are available throughout the day and night to answer questions about our service, and to recommend the perfect tease and denial Phone Sex Mistress for you.

• Our Customer Promise guaranties that you will never pay for a phone sex session that you're not happy with. We understand that it can take a while to find the right fit. As soon as you know that the Mistress you're speaking with is not the right fit for you, politely end the all and we'll find someone else for you, and you won't be charged for the first call.

• Our selection process: We work only with the most intelligent, sexiest and experienced tease and denial Phone Sex Mistresses in the industry. Our selection process is very specific and involved. We spend hundreds of hours each year talking to prospective tease and denial Phone Sex providers to select the best of the best. We spend all this time finding the best, so you don't have to!

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Reading for Cockstrokers, Chastity Slaves, Tease Freaks and Orgasm Denial Fans:
Click the links below to learn all about orgasm denial, chastity, teasing, and more.

Cock Control Essays

Spice up your masturbation with anal play. Not sure how? Then read Ms Delia's Guide to Anal Play and Masturbation, and learn some tips for enhancing your masturbation with anal play.

Looking for ways to enhance your masturbation experience? Check out our quickie Guide to Male Masturbation Toys. From the Fleshlight to the Footjob, you'll find many gadgets and toys to increase your pleasure.

With so many wonderful Mistresses to choose, how do you choose just one? Mistress Delia and Mistress Ivy provide some tips in this essay on How To Select a Cock Control Mistress

Chastity Training Essays

Chastity Training: Using orgasm denial and chastity training in combination, to control the cock:

Chastity Tubes, Chastity Cages and Chastity Rings: Ms Heather explains the similarities and differences between these types of chastity devices.

Chastity Devices for the Novice in Chastity: Mistress Heather writes about many types of chastity devices, and different chastity training programs, for the novice in chastity.

Chastity and Femdom: Ms Heather explores the natural relationship between male chastity and female domination.

Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial: When you need a bit of extra help with your long term orgasm denial training - by Ms Heather.

Many of those interested in orgasm denial explore or practice Long Term Chastity, with or without the help of a chastity device. In this essay by Ms Heather, the experience of long term, lifestyle chastity is examined.

If you are reading this, you probably would agree with us that at times, the penis can definitely benefit from some outside help when it comes to control. In this penis chastity essay, Ms Tanya of Cock Control explores the reasons why penises often need chastity, and the methods used to enforce this penis chastity.

Orgasm denial and Male Chastity go hand in hand (so to speak!) In male chastity essay, Mistress Courtney of Cock Control explores male chastity from a female perspective.

Orgasm Denial and Guided Masturbation Essays

The Mistresses of Cock Control offer some tips on Self Teasing and Orgasm Denial. Eve if you're not able to call, you can still have some orgasm denial and teasing fun with our help

Mistress Cecilia writes about the ways you can incorporate porn into your Self Tease and Denial Session in this essay.

BDSM and Orgasm Denial: Ms Sarah explores the link between BDSM and orgasm denial.

Many strokers who are into orgasm denial are also into CFNM, or "clothed female naked male. If you fantasize about CFNM, check out this article by Ms Tanya about The Ultmate CFNM Performance.

Guided masturbation - it's so much more fun than stroking alone! In this guided masturbation essay, Ms Tanya explores the pleasures of guided masturbation.

Do you like a bit of pretty feet with your tease? Ms Cassidy has some special ways to tease foot fetishists...

Mistress Heather explores the connection between orgasm denial and the Femdom in this essay.

Long Term Orgasm Denial: Just how long should you stay in denial? An essay by Ms Heather.

Prostate Milking and Orgasm Denial: Incorporating prostate milking into a long term orgasm denial program. By Mistress Sarah

The Benefits of Male Orgasm Denial: In this article, Ms Ann discusses the many behavioral benefits of long term male orgasm denial.

Orgasm Denial Techniques: So many ways to tease and deny! Ms Heather explores some different teasing techniques in this article.

Orgasm Denial Games: Spice up your orgasm edging and denial experience with five suggested orgasm denial games - by Ms Sarah.

More Orgasm Denial Games: Once you've worked your way through Ms Sarah's orgasm denial games, move onto to more games, Ms Tanya style...

Orgasm Control: Improve your sex life with orgasm control

Erotic Sexual Denial: How erotic sexual denial can enhance both femdom relationships and vanilla sex lives.

Fetish and Ethics: A user submitted essay, "Janey" discusses the responsibility we have to our partners to be open about our fetishes.

Why Do Men Love Orgasm Denial?: The Mistresses of Cock Control give their opinions and experience to answer the question of why men love to be cockteased.

Guided Masturbation: Teasing, without the Denial: This essay discusses the popular erotic activity of guided masturbation; where the female is the Masturbatrix and the male is the stroker.

"Why You Need a Masturbatrix In Your Life": An essay on the virtues of the Masturbatrix, submitted by longtime Cock Control trainee, -m.

A Tease and Denial Essay: Here's an essay written by a Cock Control Trainee, on his experience of really working to earn his orgasm - and not knowing if he will receive permission.

"I Am Hers": An Orgasm Denial Essay by elvisomar.

Masturbatrix: Orgasm Denial Mistress: This essay provides the reader with a definition and understanding of the word "Masturbatrix."

In Praise of Cocktease

coerced Orgasm Training: The flip side of orgasm denial: coerced orgasm.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex: The top 10 reasons why you should experience a tease and denial phone sex call - at least once in your life!

An Essay and Poll Regarding Ruined Orgasms: After a period of denial, would you rather have an orgasm, a ruined orgasm, or no orgasm? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts.

Webtease with Audio: Some information about our new webtease with audio site, www.mayicum.com - orgasm denial training.

The Masturbation Interviews: A collection of interviews on the topic of Masturbation, conducted by various Cock Control Mistresses.

Orgasm Denial Blog RSS Feed: Keep up to date with the Orgasm Denial Blog.

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