Why Men Love a Cocktease

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In Praise of the CockTease

We deal with all sorts of cocktease lovers at Cock Control. Some of the cockstrokers (and we use that term most affectionately) who find their way to Cock Control are not expecting the orgasm denial aspect of our particular form of erotic entertainment, but they can't resist the cockteasing element - for those who like the cocktease without the denial, we have launched a new cockteasing entertainment site for you, Stroke For Me - Cockteasing Phone Sex

So what is it that men love about a cocktease? We talk a lot here at Cock Control, about why men love teasing and denial, and orgasm denial. Cockteasing is closely related, even though there are a lot of men who love cockteases, who are not interested in denial or femdom at all.

We theorize that the love of cockteasing goes back to our early sexual years, when most experiences of arousal did not end with satisfaction, and many times did not end with any sort of sexual contact with the object of our desire at all. Instead, back in our early cocktease years, most arousal ended with an act that we still enjoy today - masturbation!

And many women come to realize and harness the power of being cockteases. We know that making you want us, and not allowing you to have us, gives us infinitely more power, than "giving it up", so to speak.

So we become grown-up cockteases, so much more dangerous than those who are just learning to tease you and your cock. Some of us take it up a level, evolving into femdom or professional cocktease - and with women like us, your poor cock doesn't have a chance, stroker....

Why Women Love to Cocktease

As mentioned above, the more you tease a man, the easier he is to manipulate and control. It is amusing to see a man perform tasks, do and say things he would swear up and down he would never do, when he is under the influence of a teasing woman. It's also erotic to know that you can control a man down to the very core of his being, with just a whisper - if you have him in the right frame of mind...

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