Coerced Orgasms

When You Have Begged so Long and Loud For an Orgasm, You Might Be Taught a Lesson in Coerced Orgasms...

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coerced orgasms with Ally
Coerced Orgasm: An Occasional "Treat" For Orgasm Denial Trainees
by Ms Ally of Cock Control

When an orgasm denial trainee or partner has begged and pleaded and whimpered for release long enough, his Femdom or Masturbatrix may introduce him to the concept of the Coerced Orgasm.

Why is this particular technique effective? It is the direct opposite of orgasm denial, so it is logical to give your trainee what he's begging for - in the manner of "be careful what you ask for, you might just get it..."

The object of coerced orgasm training is to keep the male masturbating long after his first orgasm is ended.

Unlike us lucky women, most of whom can have a very large number of orgasms in a short period of time, men tend to require a period of rest between orgasms. But not if you're being trained in coerced orgasm training: there will be no refractory period for you. You will continue stimulating your cock until your Masturbation Mistress allows you to stop.

And with coerced orgasm training, she will not be likely to allow you to stop until she is convinced that your testes are completely drained, and that your cock cannot possibly withstand one more stroke, lest it slough right off in your hand.

Not sexy! And the concept of true coerced orgasm training - when the male is masturbated to complete exhaustion - is probably not as sexy as the fantasy.

So you or your Mistress might prefer to dabble in some light coerced orgasm play, during which you are instructed to masturbate and ejaculate beyond your usual capacity, but not to the point of discomfort. This level will vary from cockstroker to cockstroker: Some men are able to orgasm two, three, even four times in a night without much problem: while for others, one orgasm is fine, and two is really pushing it.

It's up to your Mistress, who knows your limits and your cock's physiology, to determine both how much coerced orgasm training you and your cock can tolerate, and how far she will push you, which will probably depend on whether your coerced orgasm session is being used as a reward or a punishment.

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