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Control Orgasms For Me

Being a man I always thought that I loved being in control. We’re taught that it’s important to control everything in our world. I control my job, I control my money, I control things in my personal life, and I certainly control orgasms that I have. This pretty much worked great for me for years and years. I’m well into middle age as a matter of fact and I have to say I’ve done pretty well. Now at work, I even control other people. Feels good. Okay, I’ll be honest, it feels good most of the time, or maybe just some of the time. The rest I’m wondering just how I ended up having to control everything and make all the decisions.

It’s true, I found myself longing for something more, someone else to control something in my life. I wasn’t sure for a long time what that something was and then one day I met her. It was totally on accident really. Phone sex was never my thing and honestly, I thought it was some moaning and groaning and stroking, boy was I wrong!

How it All Started

Let me tell you what happened. I was home alone one night, no date and no work for once and had no idea what to do with myself. Being horny, I decided to start looking around for someone to call. Like I said, phone sex was never my thing, I had tried it a couple of times and while I got off I never really got addicted like some men do. Maybe I was too busy or maybe I just hadn’t met the right woman. That night though, I did.

Honestly, I started out looking for someone submissive and typed control into the search box, but nothing really grabbed me. Then I tried control orgasms, stroking already and imagining telling some woman when to cum. Then I saw the words cock control and my cock jumped at the thought. Never had really imagined I’d like being controlled but in that moment I knew it was just what I wanted and needed. It wasn’t long before I was dialing the number and hoping to find the perfect mistress to control my orgasms.

I Control Orgasms, You Just Pay Attention and Do as I Say

“I control orgasms.” She actually said that to me in a seductive, but strong voice. There was none of the fake breathing or moaning, this was a woman who knew just what she wanted and how to get it. We’d been talking for only a few minutes, me stammering along about being in control of everything and needing someone to control something. My cock needed control, I needed her to control my cock and control orgasms I was hoping to have with it. She listened for a bit, asking some questions and seeming genuinely interested in what brought me to her. Then she said it, “Let me tell you how this works. I control orgasms, you just pay attention and do as I say.”

It was so final and so intense I have to admit I almost lost it right then and there. I know now she would have been furious with me and probably told me just what she thought of me, my Mistress doesn’t bother to try and spare my feelings. She’s happy to have me begging and aching. And that was how our first session went. I told her all about myself and probably gave her all the information she needed to bring me to my knees sexually. She knew I ached for someone to take control, even though I kept telling her that I loved being in control. All she would say to that was, “If that were true you wouldn’t be so turned on giving control to me.” And she was right of course, I needed her and now I am addicted.

We spent some time edging and stroking and then I clearly remember her telling me to stop touching myself. I wanted to cum. I didn’t want to stop, but something in her voice told me I had better do as she instructed. She was guiding me, leading me into complete cock submission. She was in control. Orgasms were up to her and I was happy to have it that way. I still am! It’s amazing to know that no matter how many things I control in other aspects of my life, there is someone I can call and let it all go with and she will control my most basic need.

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