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Erotic Sexual Denial: Using Tease and Denial to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Erotic Sexual Denial can be defined as denying certain elements of stimulation, withholding contact, and using teasing techniques to arouse and tempt your partner. Erotic sexual denial does not necessarily have to be practiced from a femdom perspective: Many "vanilla" activities and interests incorporate elements of erotic sexual denial.

Restraining and blindfolding one's partner, and taking control of the stimulation they receive, is a great introduction into the world of erotic sexual denial. The experience of not know when, or even if, one will receive the stimulation they desire is a very powerful and arousing state of mind. Wanting such stimulation, and not receiving it, creates an even more intense desire. Finally, when the stimulation is given after a period of teasing, it is experienced with a much stroger intensity.

Let's face it - we all want what we can't have, sexually and otherwise. A woman who constantly evades your advances while still remaining interested enough to be possibly attainable, is a much more sought after target of your desire, than is a woman who throws herself at you, and makes it clear that she's yours for the taking. The same can be applied to anything: If your partner is teasing you with the possibility of catching a glimpse of her panties, with just a tiny hint of the outline of her pussy, but not allowing it, you crave that glimpse much more than you would desire to see photos of spread female genetalia.

Same goes for tempting a partner with contact, but not allowing it - the desire for that withheld contact grows and grows, until it is the only thing you can think about.

So erotic sexual denial is not only about orgasm denial. You can experiment with it with any partner, both a phone mistress and your own sexual partners. Give it a try!

Erotic Sexual Denial Sessions by Phone: