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The Orgasm Denial Mistress: Practicing Denial with a Femdom Partner

by Ms Heather of cock Control: 800-356-6169

Many people would agree that there is nothing more enjoyable or satisfying than having a mind- blowing orgasm after building up your sexual excitement over a period of time. But for some who have practiced orgasm denial with a Femdom Mistress, it is much more satisfying and exciting to hear the word 'No!". Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a tease and denial session with a Femdom Mistress? Are you nervous about what a session like that might entail? Rather than perceive it as fear, I prefer to think of my tease and orgasm denial callers as having a nervous excitement when they get on the line with me... will I say yes, or will I say no? It's much like waiting for Christmas to come around... when you open your present, what will it be?

I have used the term "Femdom Partner" in this essay because ultimately the relationship is that of a partnership; you, the submissive male, putting yourself under the temporary sexual care and supervision of a female dominant, giving her the ultimate control over your sexual pleasure and whether or not you may allow yourself release. Your female dominant, or Femdom Mistress, will guide you through a sexual experience and will be responsible for whether or not you are allowed that release. Openly expressing your intentions and expectations at the beginning of the call can completely enhance the experience for both yourself and for your Femdom Mistress.

Do you really want your Femdom Mistress to Permit a Release?

One of the first things you need to decide when you begin practicing orgasm denial with a Femdom Mistress is what kind of denial you ultimately would like to have. Do you want her to bring you to the edge multiple times, slowly building you up and then making you stop, until at the end you are finally allowed to have an explosive orgasm? Or do you want her to continuously tease you, making you ride the edge of orgasm extensively, and then at the end of the call you still have a raging hard- on and haven't been allowed release? Or, my most favorite choice of all, are you going to leave the ultimate decision of whether or not you are allowed to cum in her very capable hands?

In the context of your phone sex call to a Femdom Mistress, any of these are possible options, but just remember, whatever choice you make at the beginning of your call, expect to be stuck with it for the duration! In other words, don't tell your Femdom Mistress at the beginning of the call that you don't want to be allowed to cum at the end and then expect her to change her mind once you start begging as you get closer to the edge. Once you decide, the decision is made! And if you leave the decision of whether or not you can cum up to the discretion of your Femdom Mistress, be very prepared for her to deny you, as it is one of our greatest pleasures to hear you whine and moan and beg after we have withheld permission from you.

Role play, Denial, Guided Masturbation, or perhaps a combination...

Now that you've decided how you want your orgasmic fate handled, it's time to think about the type of orgasm denial call you'd like to experience with your Femdom Mistress. Do you have a specific fantasy in mind that really turns you on, one you would like to act out with your Femdom Mistress partner? If your Femdom Mistress is good, you can give her the details of your fantasy and she can weave a story for you that will make you feel as though you are right there with her, experiencing each scene as if it were happening in front of your eyes. Or maybe you would rather have your Femdom Mistress give you a guided masturbation session, one where she tells you exactly how she wants you to stroke your cock, bringing you right to the edge of that orgasm and then telling you to stop, only to make you start right back up again.

It can also be a lot of fun mixing a little of each together: perhaps your Femdom Mistress would enjoy explaining in detail how she would be teasing your cock if she were right there in front of you. Don't be afraid to use your imagination... the sky is the limit when it comes to orgasm denial fantasy. If you are feeling a little nervous and maybe not sure of exactly what kind of orgasm denial call you would like, then give your Femdom Mistress the freedom to create something wonderful for you; you just might find that she takes you places you never even dreamed of before, and opens up whole new doors of fantasy and intrigue for you to explore.

Choosing your Femdom Mistress

There are many different types of callers out there that enjoy all different sorts of pleasure when it comes to sexual stimulation, so if you do a little research before you make your call, you can find a Femdom Mistress that will be perfect for the style of call you want to experience. Are you looking for a strict, demanding Mistress, one that will tie you up and gag you, perhaps spanking you or whipping you to keep you from having that orgasm? Or maybe you would prefer a bratty, teasing Princess, a girl- next- door type that will play with you, giggling at the predicament you seem to have gotten yourself into and enjoying seeing you squirm underneath her touch. Or perhaps you would like someone who is a bit of a combination of the two... sensual, yet dominant, effortlessly bringing your sexual excitement right to the edge and then stopping you when you get too close.

Whatever your preference is, rest assured that there is a Femdom Mistress out there that will be a perfect fit for you and can make your orgasm denial dreams come true. But consider yourself forewarned... once you find your perfect Femdom Mistress partner, don't be surprised if you soon discover that orgasm denial can be just as addictive as having an orgasm itself.

Written by Mistress Heather 1-800-356-6169

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