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Guided Masturbation: Like Teasing and Denial...with a happy ending

Some visitors of Cock Control are intrigued by the idea of a woman telling them how to masturbate, however they are intimidated or put off by the idea of not being allowed to have an orgasm at the end of their masturbation session.

Guided masturbation is a mutually agreeable solution for such strokers: we still get to tell you how to masturbate, how fast or slow to stroke, what to fantasize about when you're stroking...and best of all, with guided masturbation, we tell you when you get to explode. Guided masturbation can be done with or without femdom overtones.

If you fall within this group, and you think guided masturbation is for you, make sure to mention this to your Masturbatrix when you call. Tell her that you're interested in experiencing Cock Control, and that you'd like her to guide your masturbation session, but that you defintely want to have an orgasm at the end. Some of the Mistresss of Cock Control will be too strict for such strokers, indeed, however if you're clear with your masturbation desires at the start of the session, the Masturbatrix will advise you to call another Mistress who would be more open to the idea of allowing you to have an orgasm at the end of your guided masturbation session.

So don't be afraid of Cock Control! If you are open with us about your needs, we can design a guided masturbation session that allows you to have the happy ending you THINK you need.

Who knows...maybe with time and training, we'll be able to convince you that OUR way is the right way!

For guided masturbation sessions, call 800-356-6169: 2.75 per minute with a minimum of 10 minutes, billed to your credit card.