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Your Perfect Phone Sex Mistress
Selecting the LDW/Enchantrix Mistress that's Right For You

Cock Control Live Help - Click Here and Let the Cock Concierge Help You Select a Mistress

So many choices! Need help deciding which Mistress is right for you? Here are some tips:

- Browse through the Mistresses' profiles. Each profile is written by the Mistress herself, so you should get a good idea about what she's into by reading her profile

- Listen to the Mistresses' audio samples: Each Mistress has an audio sample on her page. To listen to it, click "Hear My Voice" on her profile

- We have many more Mistress audios for you to listen to at TeaseMania.com that might help you select the voice you're looking for

- Check out Ms Tia's The Mistress Interviews. Ms Tia has interviewed dozens of our Mistresses, and you can download and listen to the interviews at www.themistressinterviews.com

- Use our Live Help service. Our Live Help desk is staffed by our very own Mistresses, and we'd be happy to spend some time with you on Live Help answering any questions you may have about the service. We'd also be happy to provide you with recommendations for Mistresses that might be right for you at Live Help

- Read our blogs. Each Mistress has a Blog link on her profile page. Spending some time reading the blogs will give you insight into what the Mistress is all about

- Email the Mistress: Our email addresses are on our profile pages. Feel free to use them! We'd love to hear from you before you call, and answer any questions you may have about our styles and specialties

- Yahoo IM: We also have Yahoo IDs on our pages. Feel free to get to know the Mistress before you call, with a Yahoo chat

- Satisfaction Guaranty: Remember, if you have a call and it just didn't work out, we don't want you to pay for it. If a call is not going the way you want it to, end the call, connect with Dispatch, and we'll recommend someone else for you - with no charge for the first call

- Ask the Dispatcher: Our dispatchers are very familiar with each of the ladies and her specialties. Dispatch gets tons of feedback from our callers, too, so we know which Mistresses will be a good fit for you. Let the dispatcher know a bit about what you're looking for, and she will make a recommendation.