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From the very first moment I realized that My pouty little lips and My sweet honey voice made men at My mercy, I've done everything I can to take full advantage of them. You never know what will happen next when you're under My control. I can go from Sweet to Bitch in zero seconds! One minute, My hot breath may be making the hair on your neck stand up as I whisper in your ear, the next minute I may sink My teeth into it. You can't help but be at My mercy when My sweet voice drips in your ear, the sound of My giggle makes your little cock stick straight up like a little twig. Especially when I'm giggling at YOU!

I love the way you stare at My shapely legs, your eyes drinking in the curves of My hips and tight ass, your hands clenching as you wish you could cup My supple breasts, but yet you do this all in vain, because you know you are unworthy of touching this masterpiece. And I love to tease you, I love to see that longing in your eyes, filled and brimming over with your desire for release. Hey, WHO said you could touch that pathetic little piece of skin between your legs? Hands off, that belongs to ME and is only to be touched when I say so!

You are here for My pleasure; what shall I do to you today? Have you been a good strokerboy? Did you remember to address Me as "Princess"? Maybe you will get a reward, shall I allow you to watch as I undress slowly, teasing you, so close you could touch Me, IF I were to allow it. And if you've been REALLY good, I just might allow you the privilege to hold My panties, breathing in the scent of My forbidden treasure box, like you know you want to, you pathetic little perv! But don't be mistaken, if I allow you those pleasures, you WILL pay for them. You will be teased and tantalized until you beg for release' do you think you deserve that too? Hmmmm'. we shall see!

I love spoiling Myself by having men at My torturous mercy, obeying My every desire. I deserve to be spoiled, and why shouldn't you be the one to spoil Me? Of course, you realize this is completely one-sided; I always get what I want, and you only get what I think you deserve.

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

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