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Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169
Email me at Sophia@enchantrixempire.com

You're finally ready for your first call with me, aren't you?

You must have been so desperate and achy without me. You shouldn't have waited so long to do what you know is best for you.

The best for you is to have an Empress like Me, Ms Sophia, to take full and uninhibited control of your cock. Here's what's going to happen: from this day forward, your cock will be referred to as "Empress Sophia's Cock". You will ask for permission before every stroke, every session of self pleasure. And without exception, you will ask for permission before every orgasm. And I must warn you, you won't always be granted permission. For that, you'll need to do a LOT of begging, pleading, edging and stroking. When you think about it, you're actually quite lucky that I have offered to help you control what you cannot control, your unruly, greedy cock.

Now drop your pants and touch Empress Sophia's Cock for the last time of your own free will. I will teach you, tease you, and have you begging for the release that you may not have again for quite a long time. You will soon realize that I am the best thing that has ever happened to you and to Empress Sophia's Cock.

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

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