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Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169
Email me at constance@enchantrixempire.com

You need to be controlled and I am just the woman to take control. I enjoy taking full control over men and their masturbation habits. You will no longer be jerking off and cumming when you want too but instead will be guided and directed by me.

When you give control over to me you will find that every stroke is more meaningful every tug and every pump will be directed by me, bringing you more pleasure than you ever thought possible.

I will teach you the art of orgasm edging and how powerful your orgasms can be once you have mastered the skill.

I have many ways to control that cock from my edging assignments to my phone sessions guiding you to the edge of orgasm and back. I assure you that under my control you will only cum when I allow you to.

You have spent far too much time jerking off your horny cock and now the time has come for you to learn the true pleasures of masturbating....it doesn't mean instant gratification every time you stroke, I will have you building up to that sweet release until you are aching and nearly begging to cum.

You will be free to share all of your cock control needs with me and I will be free to control you and your masturbation habits as I see fit.

Are you ready to have that cock controlled? Are you ready to change your meaningless masturbation habits? Well I am just a call away....don't keep me waiting.

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

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