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Email me at Simone@enchantrixempire.com

Ready to have your cock edged and controlled by a very kinky woman?

Well, first, let\'s discuss My favorite things.

First off, I absolutely love sex. ?There is no doubt as to how insatiable I am in bed. You will feel this not only when you hear my lusty voice, but when you hear the primal need I tend to project to others.

I love almost any position you can imagine. ?So, yes, you guessed it. . . Size matters! ? A man should be a man and have a man sized cock. ?This does not, however, mean that small dicked men should not apply. ?Obviously, even small men need cock control. ? ?Their purpose is using their?tongues to please me in any way and anywhere I see fit.

Now, moving on to my other loves. ? Obviously, I adore humiliation and cuckolding men. I live with two guys, to one of whom I am married. ?This, however, doesn\'t stop me from wanting more. ?Yes, go back to the beginning again. ?I have an insatiable sex drive and obviously need a stable of men to be happy in life.

But moving on, my all time favorite thing is role play. ?I love to listen to your ideas about what turns you on. ?It excites me hearing what sort of things makes you happy. ?Then, playing that personal assistant, doctor, or massage therapist, or even your wife, gets me really wet.

We can go any direction from there. ?We can do anything from vanilla romantic sex to cock and ball torture. ?All of it excites me to no end. ?As a matter a fact, it\'s your excitement that gets me off the most! ?The only real limitation is your imagination, and I can tell you mine really doesn\'t have any. ?My nickname is the Demon Mistress, because I love the persona of rising up from Hell. ? I love the idea of waking you up while smiling at you, staring at you as a predator would stare at its prey. ? From there, we can go almost any direction. ?I can coerce you to do things you normally wouldn\'t, such as suck a cock. ?I can take you down to Hell and get you to perform sex acts for me. ?Or, I can just ride your face \'til I am satisfied.

The sky is the limit and I can\'t wait to control and edge your cock next!

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

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