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Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169
Email me at Casey@enchantrixempire.com

You, me, and that thing between your legs will be spending a lot of time together. So let us get acquainted.

Some would say, I'm "a flirty, sweet brat." Others might say I'm "sensual, fun and totally dominating." But, what really matters is what I SAY! Now take your hands off of My cock. I am Miss Casey, Cock Tease. Step into My unpredictable world of tease and denial/guided masturbation.

Why cock control, you ask? Well, what is so fun about stroking alone? I mean come on, get aroused. Get hard. Tug. Repeat. Spew. Same old boring orgasm. Sure it still feels good, but do you know what feels better? Cock stroking with Miss Casey in control. We will both have fun as I use My sexy body and wicked mind to taunt and manipulate your jerk off session. Soft light brushes. Hard pounding thrusts. Taking you to the edge and back over and over again. My silky panties (if I am wearing them), get moist as I hear you moaning and panting. They get even wetter when I hear you begging and pleading for release.

Think of Me as your snake charmer. I can make My cock dance, twitch and ache. I know you will enjoy the fun stroking techniques I have in store for you. I will enjoy playfully torturing you with My games and challenges. My goal is to fill those balls with so much cum you are dripping non stop. your goal is to please Me in order to make a cummy.

What are you waiting for, big boy? Can't handle it? LOL Pick up the phone and treat your cock to a memorable Miss Casey experience. Oh and possibly an incredible orgasm. If I allow it, of course. :)

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

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